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The Best Hookup Apps Guide

Hooking up is the least stressful experience in life because it's just a casual sexual encounter without any responsibilities. Life is short, so we should totally hook up with sexy people that we are attracted to!

The hookup culture

Interestingly, the hookup culture started in the early 1800s and the sexual revolution in the 1960s further promoted the hookup culture, as evidenced by various encounters in Mad Men. Yes, since the 1960s, dating has decreased, whereas the frequency of hookups has increased. By the mid-1990s, hookups became socially acceptable in the mainstream society. In today's day and age, hookups are extremely commonplace.
Nowadays the hookup culture has become mainstream already. This culture accepts and encourages casual encounters, including one-night stands and other related activities, without necessarily including emotional connection, emotional intimacy, bonding or a commitment. The US college culture is best characterized by the hookup culture, i.e. a term that has been extensively used since 2000.
-What does hooking up with someone mean?
Truthfully, the definition of hooking up varies depending on the individual or on the age group. This ranges from acts that involve kissing, oral s*x or sexual intercourse. Generally speaking, a hookup is an act which involves sexual intimacy, i.e. a sexually liberating act. I would say you can have your own definition of hooking up with someone – your s*x, your rules!
-What is a hookup relationship?
A hookup relationship is a sexual relationship, but it can also be something less than intercourse. For some young people, hooking up is a way to experience casual sexual encounters; however, it can also be a way to start relationships. Statistics show that at least 50% of relationships start with a hookup. Usually, when a relationship is derived from a hookup, it happens after several months of engaging in sexual encounters. Although more men than women are interested in hooking up with someone, experts claim that the hookup culture is actually good for women, because it frees women to focus on their studies and on their career development rather than seeking a long-term partner for marriage. Indeed, a lot of successful women are not married, but they have had many casual sexual encounters, e.g. Coco Chanel.
-What is a hookup date?
For many daters, s*x and relationships are decoupled. Therefore, a hookup date is characterized by a casual sexual encounter without an emotional connection. Having said that, intimacy is a great way to build a genuine connection. Without the right intimacy, whose emotional connection can be real in a romantic relationship? Personally, I think physical intimacy is the most important thing in a romantic relationship. I will never ever compromise intimacy in a relationship. As I see it, there are three pillars in a relationship: 1) intimacy; 2) emotional connection; 3) mutual benefits. If this is a hookup date, it should begin with the first pillar, i.e. intimacy (-‿◦☀)
-How local hookup works:
If you've seen Johnny Depp and Leonardo DiCaprio's movie Who's Eating Gilbert Grape, perhaps you know Gilbert is having an affair with Betty, a married woman who is much older than him. Theoretically, that's an extramarital affair. But realistically, that's a typical local hookup – they live in a small town with a small population: Betty is lonely in an unsatisfying marriage, and Gilbert is a horny y0ung man who needs to get laid. At that time, people didn't have the Internet or social media at home, so everyone knew everyone in a small town. That's why it was easy for people to find local hookups in the early 90s.

However, things have changed a lot now. These days people stay at home to surf the Internet or stare at their smart phones for the dopamine brought by social media. Consequently, in this day and age, we have fewer opportunities to find local hookups in real life than those who were sexually active in the 90s. Yet fortunately, nowadays we have many hookup apps for us to choose and join, thereby finding local hookups fast. Nice and easy.

Because most hookup apps use GPS to identify a member's location or IP address, these apps can send you the right local candidates near you to your smart phone directly. This is indeed an effortless way to find local hookups (✿´‿`)

Best free hookup apps of 2022

Like I said above, the easiest way to find a local hookup is to join a hookup app. Better still, there are many free hookup apps for you to enjoy! Please let me introduce several very useful free hookup apps to you.


Brilic is the best free hookup in 2022. It's completely free because this platform monetizes their app by showing members ads, which is fair enough as that's how most websites and apps work right now (even when you watch videos on YouTube, you have to see many ads anyway). Therefore, Brilic is a very reliable, 100% free, safe and secure hookup app on the market, and you should totally download Brilic dating app and join this community today if you are keen to hook up with someone fast.

Apart from finding local hookups, you can also find international hookups or relationships easily on «rilic dating app. There are many international daters looking for love, so basically, anything is possible on Brilic! You might even find a long-term partner and get married if you want.
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Bumble is the second-best hookup app out there because it's not really 100% free. Yes, you can join Bumble for free and send messages for free, but let's say you send a message to someone on Bumble – they must respond to your message within 24 hours; otherwise, you have to pay for this service. That's why Bumble is not really free.

That being said, men on Bumble are very hot; therefore, if you are a woman looking to hook up with a man, you should totally join Bumble now. But if you are a man looking to hook up with a woman, maybe Bumble isn't the ideal platform for you because the competition is increasingly stiff amongst men on Bumble.
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Tinder is another great hookup app that is actually free. This dating app certainly has the biggest database in the world, but a potential problem is now the masses have joined Tinder already, so the quality of its members is not very high right now. Anyway, you may still try Tinder if you are keen to meet someone tonight, as in order to find quality, quantity surely matters!

However, please note that Tinder also has another community called Tinder Select where the rich and the famous meet each other online for dating and relationships. Yet you will need to receive an invitation before joining Tinder Select. As a consequence, finding a high-value dater via Tinder is not easy.
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Best gay hookup apps and sites

I guess Cub Sport's new song I Never Cried So Much in My Whole Life (featuring Darren Hayes) has possibly ended homophobia permanently. Hence, homosexuality isn't a taboo topic anymore. Now we are going to discuss where to find gay hookups in modern-day society.


Findle is a gay travel app where gay travelers meet each other online and travel together. Also, it's a gay dating app and a gay hookup app at the same time. Almost all of my gay friends have joined Findle app in order to look for intimacy / love (or both). It is a legitimate, trustworthy and high-quality gay hookup app on the market, as it's recommended by industry experts, gay daters, gay tourists and gay icons worldwide.
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GaysTryst is a reliable, efficient and effective dating platform for gay men. You can easily enjoy the best and the most convenient opportunities for easier and faster gay dating experience online via this app. This platform also has a beautifully designed website. As a successful gay hookup app, GaysTryst has a large number of men from a wide variety of different backgrounds. No discrimination, no judgement. This gay hookup app has a lot of members in the United States.
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Lots of unattached men have joined BuddyGays so as to find hookups or relationships (or both). Gay men can flirt online, communicate with each other quickly and arrange real dates in record time. Please note that there are some free features on BuddyGays; however, you probably have to buy a membership along the way so that this app remains usable. If you are interested, they offer a 3-day free trial.
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Top adult hookup sites and apps

If you are keen to find out which adult hookup websites and apps are the best, now you are in for a treat – I'm going to list the best adult hookup sites and dating apps below.


Together2night.com is also known as the best flirt finder for many reasons. First of all, you can see there are so many categories on this casual hookup website: online hookup, chat rooms, married dating, meet singles, single women, naughty women dating, and so forth. Most of their members are looking for casual hookups online. Some are interested in meeting married women; some have a casual approach to dating because they are naughty! Apart from that, many singles have found their soulmates in the chat rooms of this dating site.
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So many sexually attractive older women are on XMeets (they are known as MILF). Now you may wonder what MILF means, right? Okay, here is the uncomfortable truth: MILF stands for "Mom, I'd Like to F*ck" which is oftentimes said by teenage boys about their friends' hot mothers or just about women in general who are considered as middle age. As a matter of fact, in 1999, American Pie made MILF a buzzword!

If you are curious about MILFs who are ready to text selfies, meet & hook up tonight, you may want to join XMeets.com (✿´‿`)
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HUD is a casual hookup dating app (HUD: Hook Up Dating). This app also has a website (hudapp.com) where you can find casual hookups efficiently. With more than 5 million members worldwide, HUD is a no pressure way to find hookups, dates, friends with benefits or just some excitement in your love life. Thus, HUD has been highly recommended by experienced daters, fun-loving players and hot lovers around the world.
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Top 10 most popular cities in the USA to hook up

No. 1: Los Angeles, California
Los Angeles is the best city to hook up in the United States, hands down. Now you may wonder, "New York City has a bigger population – why isn't New York City No. 1 on this list?" Well, yes, I know the story in S*x and the City happened in New York, but that's a fictional story. In reality, Los Angeles is the best city to hook up in America. Let me explain.

Thanks to the crazy high number of singles living in Los Angeles, L. A. is the mecca for people who are looking to hook up with high-quality people. There are many successful artists, ambitious models and aspiring actors / actresses in Los Angeles. As a result, daters in the L. A. dating scene are truly attractive.
No. 2: New York City, New York
New York City never sleeps, so it's a wonderful place for casual sexual encounters. What else can you do if you are awake at 2:00am? What's more, people in New York like everything convenient and fast; thus, casual hookups clearly fit the bill :-D

As America's second-biggest Tinder market, New Yorkers are busy swiping left or right every day. Plus, 40% of their population is single! And there are 15.9% more women than men! So, of course, hooking up is easy in New York. Period.
No. 3: Chicago, Illinois
Chicago has 8.8% more ladies than guys and four bars per one thousand people. So, the hookup culture is real in this city. Furthermore, it is said that people in Chicago are more friendly than those who live in other cities in America – no wonder Chicago is an ideal place for casual sexual encounters!
No. 4: Miami, Florida
There are four bars per every thousand people and 9.6% more women than men in Miami. 37% of its population is single. In addition, the climate in Miami is so pleasant – men and women tend to wear very little all the time, so the sexual tension is definitely real in Miami!
No. 5: Dallas, Texas
This is Ginie Sayles's favorite city in America. Ginie Sayles is an author and public speaker who teaches singles how to meet the rich for romance, friendships and business. She has lived in many different cities in the United States and she says Dallas is the best. By the way, Ginie Sayles maintains that she loves enjoying men on different levels!

Speaking of looking for casual hookups, Dallas is also a fantastic city because Dallas has almost three bars per thousand residents and there are many more women than men in this vibrant city.
Additionally, the world's most successful network marketing company Mary Kay is based in Texas – this makeup company was founded in Dallas in 1963 and it has 3.5 million beauty consultants worldwide. Obviously, there are countless beautiful women in Dallas who are looking to boost their attractiveness and attract hot men.
No. 6 Tampa, Florida
With a population that is 35% single and six bars for every thousand residents, getting laid in Tampa is really easy. Better still, Tampa is also known as the sexiest city in America.
No. 7 Las Vegas, Nevada
Maybe Las Vegas is perfect in terms of casual everything, including casual sexual encounters. Due to its hugely successful entertainment industry, Las Vegas is indeed a fabulous place for casual hookups. Oh, do you know that the world's biggest sugar daddy dating site Seeking Arrangement is based in Las Vegas? That's the very definition of No-Strings-Attached relationships with mutual benefits.
No. 8 Boston, Massachusetts
Almost 40% of the population is single in Boston and there are 8.6% more women than men in this city. Moreover, there are 2.62 bars per 1,000 people here. Well, that's pretty good for casual hookups. And please note that there are several big universities in Boston, so you'll meet many young daters.
No. 9 San Francisco, California
Another city in California. Well, Vitamin D levels must be pretty high for people who live in California where the sunshine is solid and sufficient. So, people in San Francisco also have a lot of energy and enthusiasm for casual sexual encounters. It is reported that several upscale swingers' clubs are in San Francisco, not to mention casual sexual encounters such as hookups.
No. 10 Houston, Texas
Houston is another city in Texas on this list, meaning Texas must have lots of fun. Indeed, you'll meet countless interesting and exciting people who are horny, lonely and bored in Houston.

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. Is Bumble a hookup app?
Yes, it is. However, you can also find long-term relationships on Bumble. My suggestion is always clarifying what you are really looking for from the very beginning of an interaction.
#2. Is Tinder a dating site or a hookup app?
Tinder is both. I would say 50% of its member are looking for relationships and 50% of its members are looking for casual hookups.
#3. Why is Brilic dating app unique?
Brilic dating app is unique because it's not about swiping left or right; instead, it allows members to meet each other in an organic way, just like our ancestors did 😉
#4. Why is Findle gay travel app so popular?
Findle app is popular because it's the best gay travel app in the world – it helps gay travelers to connect with each other online and meet each other offline for relationships, gay casual hookups and friendships. So, it has become the world's No. 1 gay community already. I think if you are a bisexual man, you can join Findle as well.
#5. I'm a woman looking for a casual sexual encounter. What should I wear on a hookup date?
I personally recommend a black lace bra and black lace panties because that's the sexiest underwear in my opinion. Of course, you'll also wear an elegant outfit so that when you take off your pearl necklace / jacket / dress / pants, the contrast is very irresistible.
#6. I'm a man looking for a casual hookup. What do I need to know before getting started?
First and most importantly, please don't send d*ck pics to women online. Most women need more time to get to know you before they invest further in you. Second, don't spend too much time chatting on the Internet because you are supposed to ask women out proactively so that you can have real dates with real women.
#7. Does the hookup culture have any sub-cultures in it?
Yes. Apart from casual sexual encounters (standard hookups), there are friends with benefits, arrangements (sugar daddies, sugar mommas and sugar babies), extramarital affairs, swingers, the threesome lifestyle, and so on. Which one do you prefer?

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