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Locanto Review: a hookup site where you can also find real love

Technically, Locanto is a platform where you can find ads for household products, cars, jobs, and so on. But these days you can also find a date on this website. More exactly, Locanto Personals is basically a page where you can find ads for hookups in your local area.


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Quality of Users
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1) Hundreds and thousands of users are on the platform.

2) You can filter members according to your needs.

3) There are many subcategories, e.g., gender, sexual orientation, location, etc.

4) It's really straightforward – you can quickly find the type of relationship you want.

5) Both casual dating and serious relationships are available on this platform.

6) Members are very active. :))


1) A dating profile's info is quite limited. Unlike mainstream dating sites that promote serious relationships only, Locanto encourages people to find casual dates, so this platform doesn't require members to provide detailed info on their profiles.

2) The site looks cluttered. :((

3) There are many more men than women on this site. So, it's not easy for men to find hookups fast.
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1) It's an ad site with a dating section.

2) Registration is free. It only takes several minutes to create a dating profile because limited info is required.

3) Email verification is a must. Also, you have to click on re-Captcha to prove that you're a real person rather than a robot. This is a way to make sure that every user is a human.

4) You can log in with a Google account if you like.

5) Your membership also covers other sections of this website.

6) It has a matching algorithm.

7) You can upload multiple pictures.

8) Fake members are reported.

9) Users are looking for real dates, casual dates and / or hookups.

10) You may post an ad.

11) If you like a member, you click on the heart; if you don't like a member, you click on the cross.

You can get matched and begin sending messages to other members for free.

13) You cannot conduct a manual search, but you can adjust match preferences.

14) Adding a hashtag helps you find a match.

15) It also has an app that you can use on the phone, so this is handy. Actually, most people prefer the app for convenience and the app has a very good interface. Note that Locanto website does not have a mobile app; however, Locanto #Dating has an app in Google Play Store and Apple Store.

16) If you prefer fee-based services, you can enjoy an ad-free experience and unlimited chat storage. The fee is very small, and payment options include direct debit, credit card and phone. The premium membership is renewed every month and you can cancel it at any time.

17) Personals: Simply post an ad to describe what you're looking for. Browse other people's ads. Most of them are looking for random hookups.

18) #Dating: This is more serious, as most people here are looking for real dates. Your interests are represented by your hashtags.

19) If you see one check mark, that means your message has been sent already. If you see two check marks, it means the other user has received your message. If you see two blue check marks, that means the other user has read your message.
Frequently Asked Questions about Locanto:
1) What's Locanto?

Answer: It is an ad website which also has a dating section.

2) Is Locanto safe?

Answer: As long as you are vigilant, it should be reasonably safe, e.g., you only meet strangers in public places such as coffee shops and restaurants.

3) Is Locanto good?

Answer: Nobody can guarantee whether an ad is genuine or not (there is a reason why this dating site costs significantly less than other dating sites). You have to use your brain to make a decision. Having said that, every member has to verify their telephone number as a part of the security process. So, this dating site isn't too bad.
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How to find a soulmate when you are soulless:

If you are soulless at the moment, you can still find a soulmate by hooking up with a random stranger via Locanto because life isn't always about yes or no – sometimes life is also about why not. Please let me explain.

Everyone is soulless at some stage in their life. For example, many young people in their 20s don't know what they are doing. Consequently, they have to learn certain things the hard way. When a mature person in their 30s is unemployed because the organization has made them redundant during the pandemic, this can also be a stage where this individual is soulless (read: confused) – they don't know what they should do next; they might even feel miserable and depressed; sometimes they can't even explain how they feel because it's literally a combination of dread, grief and loneliness. Yet in reality, can you really tell other people that you are lonely? Probably no. Thus, in this case, it's perfectly normal to hook up with someone while exploring the meaning of life. In this way, you may become more enlightened as oftentimes you discover your soul by trying different possibilities and choices in life. The person that you are hooking up with could help you find your soul; hence, that's your soulmate in this journey.
Quote: "Chicken soup for the soulless can be even more important than chicken soup for the soul."