Bumble Hookup Dating App Review: Where Are the Hottest Men?

According to a major study in January 2020, Bumble has the hottest men among all hookup dating apps on the market. Further examination reveals that several years ago, Bumble got started by attracting men on Instagram to join this app first – at that time, most men on Instagram were very handsome men.


  • Swipe left to pass and swipe right to like somebody.
  • There are different options for you to choose – you can change your preference any time – you might want to find a date, meet someone for a friendship or meet new people for business on Bumble. It's very versatile.
  • This hookup dating app doesn't waste your time: After swiping left or right for a while without a result, Bumble will ask you to change your preference from "find a date" to "meet new people for business networking" so you are able to make the most of this hookup app.
  • If you have mutual Facebook friends with somebody on Bumble, this casual hookup app would tell you who your mutual friends are.
  • When you and another person have similar hobbies or interests (because you've liked the same Facebook pages), Bumble dating app would tell you immediately.
  • When you and another person have swiped right on each other's dating profile, you have a match now! Congratulations! However, only women can make the first move on this hookup dating app (this is a fantastic way to minimize men's stress). If a lady contacts a guy within 24 hours after the match is made, this app is completely free. But after 24 hours, if the lady doesn't contact the guy, they have to upgrade their membership (buy a subscription) in order to contact each other online.
  • Bumble is linked to your Facebook/Instagram profile; nevertheless, it doesn't post anything on your social media pages. Hence, your privacy is yours only!

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  • There are so many attractive men on this casual hookup app!
  • Because women make the first move on Bumble, dating is not stressful here. Women are more empowered (gender equality).
  • It's totally free so long as the lady contacts the man within 24 hours after the match is made.
  • The quality of its daters is extremely high.


  • Many busy professionals don't have the time to look at Bumble all the time. If you don't check Bumble app on your phone frequently, you may miss out on many opportunities – 24 hours after a match is made, you have to pay for a membership in order to see/contact your match.
  • It's a time-consuming hookup dating app because the average dater spends at least 2-3 hours per day on this app while trying to find a date.
  • Realistically, it's not a free hookup app because you need to buy a subscription if you would like to see all matches which were made more than 24 hours ago on your phone.

Users' comments:

"I've recommended Bumble to all of my female friends who are single and looking for love because there are so many handsome men on this app." (Lucy W., 22, fashion designer, Tampa, Florida, the United States)

"Bumble is the most user-friendly casual hookup app in the world because only women can make the first move. I just wait until dates fall into my lap!" (Owen P., 28, engineer, New York City, New York, the United States)

"Results on this app are real and solid. I absolutely love Bumble, the best hookup app on the market!" (Edward M., 30, accountant, Los Angeles, California)

"Who needs to use other hookup apps when there is something called Bumble?! This is the best hookup dating app of all time." (Jennie E., 35, PR executive, San Francisco, California)

"Bumble has so many active members online. With its huge database, I can easily hook up with attractive women. Once I've tried Bumble, I can't go back anymore. Now my love life is unrecognizable!" (Ashley H., 27, lawyer, Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

"I've tried other dating apps before. Bumble is my favorite so far! I think all of my single friends are already on Bumble." (Jill K., 20, customer service officer, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia)

"Bumble is awesome, but I use a Huawei smartphone and I'm concerned – it is said that Huawei smartphones are not safe because according to the news, China is spying on us via Huawei mobile phones. What should I do? Should I worry?" (Anita D., 31, teacher, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia)

"I like Bumble, but I downloaded this hookup dating app from Google Play Store on my Huawei cell phone. Now the news says Huawei is not safe because China is watching me. However, I guess maybe Apple has convinced the US government to ban Huawei so that more people will buy cell phones from Apple? Who should I trust? If I use an iPhone, I will be monitored by the American government, right?" (Charles L., 34, personal trainer, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)

"My favorite mobile phone is Huawei smartphone because I accidentally smashed this phone for at least 200 times, but it's still perfect. I've downloaded Bumble dating app on Android and it's working pretty well for me. Yet my friends told me that China is using Huawei to spy on me. Are they joking? Or is this real?" (Michelle A., 32, receptionist, Auckland, New Zealand)

"All of my single friends are on Bumble because it's the most popular hookup app out there. I know some people say that using dating apps on Huawei phones is not safe nowadays because China is watching us via Huawei phones; nevertheless, I have a Huawei smartphone and it's the best phone I've ever had. Honestly, any semi-competent detective agency can hack your mobile phone if they want to. I am not someone that important, so I am not worried at all. By the way, I don't think China wants to see who I'm hooking up with anyway – why would the Chinese be interested in my text messages?" (Jim Q., 36, Darwin, doctor, Northern Territory, Australia)

"I read a book about dating which has a chapter on online dating, and the author recommends Bumble dating app because men on this app are very attractive. After joining this app, I realized that most men on this app are indeed very good-looking. Well, I would say a lot of them are delicious-looking! And that is not an exaggeration. I've hooked up with some hot men via this app and I met my current boyfriend on Bumble as well. I think this app is a marvelous service as it's so unique – women make the first move! I love this so much! I was wondering why I wasn't allowed to make the first move for SO MANY YEARS! And at last, there is a dating app which encourages women to make the first move. This is so liberating! Well done, well done, Bumble! Keep up the good work!" (Alexandra R., 31, nurse, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia)
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Experts' comments:

"This is a perfect hookup app for women because they can make the first move without being judged. In real life, when a woman makes the first move, sometimes men will freak out because most men think it's a guy's job to make the first move. However, on Bumble, women are definitely more proactive because that's how the system works on this dating platform – women have to make the first move in order to use this dating app properly. As a result, the success rate on Bumble is very high." (Jade Seashell, columnist and creative writer at jadeseashell.com)

"Bumble has high-quality daters. Their members are real people. Those who are worried about being monitored by China simply because they use Huawei smartphones should totally relax. If you are not a government official or a military official, why would China be interested in you in the first place? Just chill and enjoy dating & hooking up!" (Michael Wilson, director of DatingAppsAdvice.com)

"It seems that the competition among men is increasingly stiff because there are too many hot men on Bumble these days. Don't worry about Huawei's so-called security issue because western countries don't even have any evidence to prove Huawei's misconduct in this regard yet. Also, I doubt whether the Chinese want to watch you masturbating. Stop worrying and start dating / hooking up now." (Curt Coch, Founder and CEO of iDateAdvice.com)

"I accidentally joined Bumble on my phone, and now Sharon Stone is sending me messages. Help!" (Darren Hayes, solo recording artist, Star Wars fan, front man and singer from Savage Garden who smells good all the time)

"All of my single heterosexual friends are on Bumble dating app because it's the best. These days the hookup culture is real, mature and mainstream, so there is nothing wrong with hooking up with someone hot for a casual sexual encounter. I'm gay, so I prefer other dating platforms which are more LGBTQA-friendly. Anyway, I would recommend Bumble to straight singles looking for excitement, a good time, fun or a long-term / serious / meaningful relationship. Frankly, even a casual fling is meaningful in my opinion because if you've enjoyed it, it is deep and meaningful! So, I don't judge anyone and I'm certainly not the most judgmental person in the world." (Andy K., spokesperson of FindleApp.com)

"Bumble is the ideal casual hookup app. I like its intuitive design and big database. It is definitely better than most hookup dating apps out there. If I were single, I would join Bumble app and end my loneliness – never underestimate the power of loneliness." (Don Y., co-founder of Beauties-of-Ukraine.com)

"Oh, women and gays would love Bumble because men on this app are extremely hot. The major problem with most dating apps is that men on those platforms are not attractive enough. Another common problem that most dating apps and dating sites have is that women don't respond to men's messages. But on Bumble, both problems are solved immediately – men are so handsome and alluring; women make the first move. No wonder Bumble dating app is the most effective and efficient casual hookup dating app in the world. I have full confidence to say that most hookup dating apps can't even compete with Bumble because Bumble is the leader in the industry." (Elizabeth O., co-founder of HookupApps.Dating)


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Executive Summary:

Bumble dating app doesn't have spam or advertisements. It's full of interesting, nice and exciting people who are looking for casual sexual encounters, friends with benefits, serious relationships and business contacts. Even if you are only looking for a friendship in your local area, you can join Bumble as well. Please note that if you use a Huawei cell phone, the Chinese are not watching you, although the news says China is spying on all Huawei cell phone users. Donald Trump used Huawei's intellectual property theft as an excuse to start the technology cold war with China so that he can use Huawei as the leverage by saying "If we do things on my terms, I can allow Huawei cell phones to be sold in the United States."

Quote: "In reality, the real risk is Huawei's infrastructure and facilities in western countries rather than smartphones. Even if China is using Huawei cell phones to spy on you, you are probably not interesting enough as long as you are not a government official or a military officer. The Chinese don't want to see your text messages with other daters on a hookup dating app, so don't worry about it. As to iPhone users, please don't forget Edward Snowden's story – you will realize that even if you use an American cell phone, someone is still spying on you. But anyway, if you have nothing against any government, you are safe! Happy dating!"