Review Policy

This document specifies how we (HookupApps.Dating) review hookup dating services such as hookup dating sites and dating apps. This is to maintain the trust and transparency with our audience.

At HookupApps.Dating, we help our audience to choose the right dating service according to specific requirements. In order to achieve this goal, most of the dating products featured on our website are offered by our business partners. Nevertheless, this does not influence our evaluation at all. We can guarantee that our opinions are objective and independent.


We are fully responsible for our work, so we make sure that we keep our content unbiased and real. Nonetheless, we are not responsible for any dating service's practices because those are out of our control. That being said, if we are aware of any incident, we will update reviews on our website immediately.

Are we biased towards affiliate marketers?

No, we are not biased towards anyone. In terms of our work, we always stay unbiased and objective, no matter we are working with affiliates or not, for we have good moral values and respect what we do every single day. In each review, we include both pros and cons, so we are not biased.

How do we give ratings?

First of all, we have tried, tested and used every dating product that is featured on our website; therefore, we know what we are talking about.

Second, we have been in the online dating industry for 2 decades; thus, we have extensive experience in the internet dating space and can compare a dating service's performance with industry standards, e.g. success rates, security, user experience and pricing.

We give a dating product a rating after very careful evaluation of various parameters. As we generally review high-quality dating services, visitors probably wouldn't see any very low ratings or negative reviews on our site.