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Doublelist Review: What a unique hookup site! is a dating website for people to find dates. Although its design isn't the best, please don't judge a book by its cover.


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1) You can create a post, manage posts and add favorites.

2) The dashboard displays a variety of categories according to what you are looking for as well as your gender.

3) All categories are split into "let's date" and "connect now".

4) Other users will receive your email address if you send them messages.

5) You can't create a dating profile on, meaning you have to include everything you want another member to know about you in a message. For example, if you'd like a user to see your photo, you need to attach your photo in the message.

6) Your message will directly go to their email Inbox. That's how they will see your email address when they receive your email. This is exactly how keeps their users engaged – even if someone hasn't logged into for a few weeks, they will still receive new messages. That also means you would be well-advised to use an email address which you are happy for these individuals to see. For instance, you wouldn't use your work email address or your home email address; you probably would use a new email address which is specifically created for Doublelist! ;))
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1) is free. :))

2) It is very different from most hookup websites which ask you to create a dating profile. You don't need to create a profile on Doublelist at all.

3) You will get another user's email address when they reply to your message.


1) The interface looks a bit old-fashioned as if it was created in 1999! Apart from photos that are attached to posts, there are no images on the site – it's basically full of links and text. Clearly, its interface looks a bit like Craigslist, yet it's not better than Craigslist.

2) Most of those posts were posted a long time ago, so nobody knows how many active members Doublelist actually has right now.

3) Most posts do not even have photos, so you have to guess what those people look like! Having said that, members above 30 years old are more likely to include their pictures in their posts.
Doublelist is free to use because it makes money from advertisements, e.g., at the top of most categories, you can see a sponsored post.
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Frequently Asked Questions about Doublelist:

1) How to log into Doublelist?

Answer: After clicking on 'login here' on its homepage, simply enter your email address as well as your password.

2) How to search on

Answer: You can't really search on this hookup dating website. In other words, you need to find what you are looking for by manually searching through the categories.

3) How to contact other members?

Answer: At the bottom of every post, you can see a box. Simply type up your message in the box and click on "send message". This is nice and easy!

4) How to delete my account?

Answer: Click on "Settings", and then click on "deactivate account". After deleting your account, all of your posts will be removed from the site. If you want to create another account in the future, you will have to use a different email address to do so.

5) Is legitimate?

Answer: Yes, it is legit, but it's not perfect.

6) I'm a woman looking for romance on Do you have any advice for me?

Answer: Generally speaking, there are two categories of women:

I. "Andrey Hepburn" category, e.g., Natalie Portman, Keira Knightly, Kate Middleton, Marcia Cross and Meryl Streep. These women are very elegant.

II. "Marilyn Monroe" category, e.g., Jennifer Lopez, Angelina Jolie, Scarlett Johansson, Dita Von Teese and Beyoncé. A woman in this category discharges sexy energy from her body.

If you are keen to become a more adventurous woman, you'd better be "Andrey Hepburn" on certain occasions, and then you suddenly become "Marilyn Monroe" on other occasions.

When you are supposed to be elegant, you are "Andrey Hepburn" (e.g., When you go to an upscale party with your boyfriend and you want to look /act like a high-value lady in a social context).

Please note that intimacy is a very important part of a genuine relationship, so you'd better keep reading! ;))

Truthfully, most guys like a freak in the bedroom. That means the bedroom is not a place for you to be classy and appropriate. So, figure out 1,001 ways to be inappropriate in bed, please!

When you're in the bedroom with your boyfriend, just forget about your makeup and hair as most men like the wild look. You should totally allow yourself to be messy in the bedroom! Tousled hair and flushed cheeks are very, very attractive!
Quote: "Doublelist is a unique hookup site which allows you to communicate with other members via email directly!"