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DirtyRoulette Review: Chat with camgirls online

What is DirtyRoulette? Well, DirtyRoulette.com is a website where you can meet camgirls on the Internet. As you click on the 'start' button on its homepage, you will give the site access to your cam!


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1) If you are gay, this is a fantastic website because you'll see many naked men on your screen. ;))

2) If you click "girls only" button, you will have access to premium webcams! :))

3) Your age has to be verified, meaning everyone on the site is above 18.

4) Chat with ladies for free.

5) If you don't like the girl that you have been paired with by the system, you can click on "next" and then a different girl will appear on your screen. It's nice and easy.


1) In order to verify your age on the website, you will need to enter your credit card details – the credit card has to be in your name and must be linked to your account. This sounds a bit risky, but many people have done that already and I haven't seen any complaint online yet.

2) If you are ugly, many girls wouldn't be interested in chatting with you.
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1) Type text messages to the woman on your screen.

2) Many women prefer letting their bodies express themselves.

3) If you tell the girl what makes you happy, she will look after you.

4) Women on DirtyRoulette.com know what they are doing, so most of them are sexy and confident. But you cannot enter a full-screen mode.

5) You can switch on the lady's sound or switch it off. However, you cannot control their volume.

6) Watching women's live streams is free.

7) There is a paid stream option – the lady becomes yours & yours alone, meaning other men cannot see it.

8) When many men are watching the same lady, it's not easy to get the lady's full attention.

9) A FAQ page explains everything you need to know.

10) A studies page shows people's preferences such as the willy's size and the breast size.

11) Transsexual women are probably not on this site.
Frequently Asked Questions about DirtyRoulette.com:
1. Is DirtyRoulette safe?

Answer: According to my experience, it is a safe cam site.

2. Is DirtyRoulette good?

Answer: Yes, it's quite good because there are so many beautiful girls who are willing to provide free live naked fun.

3. How can I lower my risk when I enter my credit card details?

Answer: Here is what I did – a few weeks ago, I applied for a job at an organization which was desperately looking for the right candidate & they believe that I must be the right candidate, so they asked me to sign a contract with them immediately. Meanwhile, they gave me a gift card which allows me to go shopping online, i.e., the gift card is just like a credit card – it's a virtual card which has $100 on it and I can only use it on the Internet, e.g., buying things on Amazon, paying for membership sites' subscription, etc. Therefore, I used this gift card on DirtyRoulette.com and that's how this platform verified my age. In this way, I don't need to give them my real credit card details. I'm sure you can also find a similar card that could be used to lower your risk whenever you would like to join dirty webcam sites like this. By the way, yesterday the organization that signed the contract with me and gave me the gift card told me that their plans have been changed due to external factors; thus, I won't have any work to do at their organization (the contract is casual employment).

4. Why are so many women wearing clothes on camera?

Answer: Most women on DirtyRoulette are not professionals; they are amateurs. As a result, they might be shy, especially at the beginning. However, if you are paying a fee, you are encouraging a woman to come back to you again and again & do whatever makes you happy. Hopefully this makes sense.

5. How do I know whether these live streams are real or not?

Answer: These live streams are not videos which were recorded beforehand; they are definitely real – you can confirm whether a live stream is real or not by chatting with the girl on your screen (it should be interactive and the girl has to be responsive).
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Executive summary:

There is a highly effective filter on DirtyRoulette.com, so you can find exactly what you are looking for on this platform! Because so many attractive women are on this site, you will surely find your favorite here. That being said, the audio quality on this cam site isn't great, as a lot of women don't have high-quality microphones, which is understandable – if they are rich, they probably wouldn't need to be camgirls. Since they don't have enough money to buy high-quality microphones, they have to work harder in order to please men like you.
Quote: "You can meet all types of women on Dirty Roulette."