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Show me the best app for: Review: Is this a legitimate hookup site? has attracted a lot of members who are looking for casual hookups and flings. Their slogan is very memorable: "Meet a hottie and get naughty!" Apparently, someone on their team understands rhyme very well.


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1) A 3-day trial membership: $4.47

2) A 1-month membership: $34.99

3) A 3-month membership: $83.97

4) A 6-month membership: $119.94

Note that prices are subject to change without prior notice. Thus, you should check their pricing before joining this hookup dating website.


1) Search: Find members online based on their age, gender, distance from you and whether they have a profile photo.

2) Messages: See who's messaged you & respond to messages.

3) Chat rooms: This is where you chat with other users. There are many categories – general conversations, fetishes and kinks, flirting, lesbian and gay groups.

4) Updates: View who's winked at you, view your activities and dating profile.

5) Profile: Upload pictures and videos on your dating profile.
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1) You can meet like-minded people quickly because everyone knows why people would join this hookup dating site. You do not need to explain yourself.

2) Compared to other hookup sites, is more affordable.


1) It seems that many people have received fake emails from after joining this site. That means the site sends fake messages to new members in order to indicate that 'other members' are interested in them already, thereby encouraging them to upgrade their membership. That being said, this tactic is also used by the most mainstream dating website in the world (it's in the news – even a dating site with nearly 10 million members did that to their new members as well). Therefore, this is not something that only exists on, meaning it's up to you when it comes to whether you would like to upgrade your membership or not. Do not upgrade your membership based on marketing emails; only upgrade your membership when you think you should invest in this area of your life.

2) This site does not have enough women. Some women's photos are not real. It is said that some messages are sent by robots rather than real women.

Experts' comments:

"Actually, I know many people who have found casual flings via – I guess when people are happy with the results they've got, they don't write reviews on the Internet. But when people are unhappy with the experience, they are much more likely to write reviews online. That's why doesn't have a very good reputation." (Curt Coch)

"Most of its members are not in the United States." (Serghei)
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Real female members' journal entries:

These are written by real female users on this hookup site. (Even though there aren't many women on, we've interviewed some legitimate female users in this community.)

"If you are single right now, you may express your sexuality in an unlimited number of uplifting ways. You can begin by acknowledging that your sexy body was created by powerful sexual energy & is still fueled by the same energy. You are biologically programmed to be a flirtatious and sexy woman who knows how to savor tantalizing pleasure. Truthfully, PIV s*x isn't necessarily the best way to achieve orgasm. Statistics show that single women not only live longer than married women, but also enjoy orgasm more frequently than married women because masturbation actually leads to orgasm every single time, whereas PIV s*x can't guarantee female orgasm (no wonder single women literally live longer)! That is how to enjoy the power of pleasure if you are a single woman. Alternatively, you can join to find a fling online." (Joan G., 30, San Francisco)

"As a woman, you are worthy of receiving what you truly desire. You fearlessly surrender to sexual pleasure as well as other pleasures, and you enjoy a bounty of sexual delight that could include multiple orgasms! A fun exercise: Take a walk by yourself, whether in a crowded street or in nature. When you are walking, imagine that the sexiest woman is pressed up against your left side, i.e. the side of your sexual body that represents femininity and receiving. For example, whenever I do this exercise, I always imagine that Megan Fox is on my left side. However, you may choose any sexy woman you find really powerful. Then breathe in that sexy woman's energy. Imagine drawing in her sexuality as well as sensuality, and increasing your growing life force with each deep breath as it's directly channeled from the universe through the sexiest woman alive into you. Keep doing this stimulating exercise for at least 7 minutes a day for one month, and you'll notice the change! Then you are ready to join! Sexuality is power." (Megan B., 29, Miami)
Quote: "Hook up tonight. Your time is valuable."