Best 10 casual hookup apps
Life is very short; therefore, every moment is super important! You deserve the best casual hookup apps in the world, and I will show you which 10 apps are the best. You are welcome. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
#1. Brilic
Who needs to use a traditional dating app when there is something called Brilic? On a mainstream dating app where men and women are looking for traditional relationships, Brilic is different – there are so many open-minded individuals who understand the value of having a good time right now rather than getting into long-term relationships that usually turn out to be highly stressful and boring. So, if you are enlightened and would like to find a casual hookup today, Brilic is our No. 1 recommendation.
#2. BARE
No, BARE is not Snapchat, although these two apps are a bit similar in a way – both of them are best characterized by sexting. Yet Snapchat is not a dating app, but BARE is definitely a dating app for people to find casual hookups and serious relationships. It means members can find both respectful fun and long-term relationships on BARE. Because BARE dating app highly values safety, its team manually checks every member's dating profile very carefully.
#3. Clover
Clover offers a 7-day free trial; after that, you will pay a membership fee. If you don't like it, you can cancel it within 7 days and your credit card won't be charged, but you must make sure you have actually canceled your subscription successfully via your iTunes account if you use an iPhone. As one of the most trusted casual hookup apps on the market, Clover is user-friendly, affordable and effective. You will love it!
#4. DOWN
Although DOWN dating app says you can either get down or get date, most men on this dating app are looking to get down rather than get date. Therefore, it's basically a casual hookup app – that's for sure. If you like Darren Hayes's Dirty, you are probably familiar with the lyrics: "I can spin you around, pick you up and go down…." Yes, that's exactly what you will get if you decide to join DOWN dating app tonight.
LOVOO allows its members to look for casual hookups and serious relationships. But in today's day and age, a growing number of people are only interested in casual hookups and here's why: the benefits of a long-term relationships are gradually disappearing these days because women don't have to financially depend on men anymore & men can hook up with women relatively easily nowadays. By contrast, in the past, women must rely on men financially and the hookup culture didn't exist at that time. No wonder LOVOO is so successful in modern-day society.
#6. Flurv
Flurv is a bit like Facebook in terms of its design and interface, so you can easily use this dating app without a problem. People on this casual hookup app are looking for flings and friends rather than serious relationships, so you can relax and chill – it's time to hook up with someone hot as f**k and have some real fun now.
#7. Hooking Up
This casual hookup app has more than 2,000 positive reviews on iTunes alone and it's getting more and more traction recently. Obviously, it is a sensational, useful and beneficial platform for men and women who would like to find sexual satisfaction instantly, which suits our current hookup culture so well. I would like to highly recommend this app.
#8. Moco
Moco is a casual hookup app for people to find fun – most of its members are African Americans and Latinos who are looking for one-night stands and casual relationships rather than serious, meaningful or long-term relationships / marriages. Because cultural diversity is extensively celebrated on Moco dating app, it's considered the most inclusive dating platform in contemporary society.
#9. Badoo
Badoo is not a free dating app – you have to pay a membership fee in order to use this service, but that is actually a filer which helps the app to remove scammers and spammers. Although it's mostly a mainstream dating app, you can still find some casual hookups on this platform, especially if you live in Europe.
#10. Hitwe
Hitwe is one of the best casual hookup apps out there – with its pastel colors, stable technology, interesting emojis, advanced design and vibrant energy, Hitwe has achieved international success within a short period of time since its inception. Having said that, it is reported that Hitwe has a lot of prostitutes in its community, so you'd better pay more attention – is prostitution legal in your state? That's why Hitwe is No. 10 on this list, although its interface is really good.
In summary, these are the top 10 recommendations in this category and hopefully you have found what you are looking for from this list! But if you are still wondering which app is right for you, you may read other articles on our website and discover something new.
Quote: "Life is a journey – you discover what you like, what you need and what you desire. You explore your sexuality, your inner world, your spirit and your soul – then you find exactly what you are looking for! Yes, that's how it works!"