Best 10 gay hookup apps for iPhone
Interested in gay hookup apps for iPhone? Here is the ultimate list for all gay men who are looking for casual hookups online.
No. 1: Findle
As the best gay travel app in the world, Findle is a true leader in the gay dating industry – gay travelers congregate on Findle and meet each other in different cities for dating and flirting. No matter you are looking to meet a gay man in New York City or looking for a gay guy in Sydney, Findle is certainly the right gay hookup app for iPhone.
No. 2: Grindr
Almost every gay man that you know has used Grindr at some stage in their lives except famous gay icons such as Darren Hayes because well-known gay artists don't need to use online dating apps – publicity means they have more options – more people (including gay men) know them. That's why you haven't met a gay rock star on Grindr yet. But you will still meet many high-value gay men on Grindr because Grindr has the biggest database in the industry.
No. 3: Gaydar
Gaydar is my personal favorite because it has "Gaydio", a radio program for gay men in the United Kingdom. Yet if you don't live in the UK, maybe you can't listen to this radio program online. Anyway, you can still join Gaydar, a vibrant and popular gay hookup app for iPhone. The 2 founders of Gaydar dating app (two very lovely gay men) have passed away, so now it's owned by a celebrity who has bought this business.
No. 4: Surge
Surge is one of the best gay hookup dating apps on the market because it works for a lot of gay men looking for casual encounters. This app doesn't have any ads, so its interface is very neat and tidy. Also, it's quite affordable; hence, if your budget is lower, Surge is a pretty good option for you to consider.
No. 5: Romeo
As a very popular gay hookup app, Romeo is a pioneering platform for gay guys who are looking for casual encounters on the Web and sleep together offline. No matter you are a top or a bottom, you will find your Mr. Right Now tonight because Romeo has so many handsome gay men who are looking to hook up right now. However, if you are looking for Mr. Right for a long-term relationship, I wouldn't recommend Romeo. ????
No. 6: Scruff
Scuff is free to download and join. Nevertheless, if you want to interact with other members, there is a membership fee, which is fair enough because the best gay hookup app for iPhone isn't a charity – it's a business. Nonetheless, in my opinion, if members are already paying subscription fees, this gay dating app shouldn't have so many pop-up ads. But in reality, it has a lot of ads in the community.
No. 7: Jack'd
I highly recommend Jack'd because its reputation is so good. It rarely receives any complaints from its users, so it must be trusted and loved by a lot of gay men already. In fact, many gay daters say that their love lives have become more satisfying after they joined Jack'd, e.g. Orgasm has a capital O now, thanks to the hot men they met on Jack'd. Well, both tops and bottoms can find satisfying encounters on this platform. That's for sure.
No. 8: Hornet
Hornet is a reputable, reliable and trustworthy gay hookup app for iPhone. It has some social media features that gay men like and its flexible payment options have attracted millions of gay daters worldwide. Frankly, if you would like to use a high-quality dating app, you probably shouldn't download a completely free app because a totally free dating app usually doesn't have lots of high-value candidates. That's my honest opinion.
No. 9: Hole
Looking for a hole? Hole is here for you to enter! This is the most blissful hole you will ever experience because it's a truly active community for attractive gay men who are looking for exactly what you are looking for – sexy encounters online right now! I don't know about you, but I really like this gay hookup app for iPhone because it really works. It also has different languages for people in various countries to use this service more easily. Overall, it's a great dating app for gay guys!
No. 10: Adam4Adam
With 10 million members worldwide, Adam4Adam is a pretty cool dating app for gay men looking for some casual fun on the Internet. It's 100% free because it shows many ads on its platform. What can you expect?
Quote: "So, this is the list of the 10 best gay hookup apps for iPhone – Now you can explore the gay dating world and have some real fun today! Good luck; happy dating; take care."