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Zoosk Review: Casual Flings or Serious Relationships?

Many people are asking whether Zoosk is a platform for casual flings or serious relationships. I would argue that most dating sites/apps were designed for people to find casual flings at the beginning, but when a dating site/app has a large number of members, more and more people start to look for serious relationships on the platform.
For example, 20 years ago online dating was definitely a taboo topic because at that time, internet dating was all about looking for no-strings-attached hookups rather than meaningful relationships – you probably wouldn't tell your boss and your co-workers that you are into no-strings-attached flings, right?
(That's because you want to look socially acceptable in the workplace where most people are quite mainstream – you have to fit in.)
However, today because online dating has become mainstream, many individuals claim that internet dating is the only way to meet someone suitable. Hence, a growing number of people are looking for serious relationships online these days.
As a result, there are a lot of individuals looking for meaningful & long-term relationships on Zoosk, although you can still find many casual hookups on Zoosk if you like. :))


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1) Zoosk is definitely a legitimate dating site for people to find romance online. Founded by Alex Mehr and Shayan Zadeh in 2007, this dating website has millions of users worldwide.

2) Zoosk gives members many different ways to find their perfect match. For instance, you can let the algorithm make matches for you. Alternatively, you can swipe! :))

3) Because Zoosk has more than 40 million members around the world, you can see solid social proof. ;))

4) Zoosk uses photo verification as well as Facebook account verification. In this way, the platform can make sure that everybody is a real person.


1) If you are looking for a casual hookup rather than a serious relationship, you may need to filter people because a lot of individuals on this platform are looking for meaningful and long-term relationships. Thus, you'd better be honest with other members by saying, "Right now I'm not looking for something serious." I'm sure most people would appreciate your honesty!
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1) The Carousel – you are able to rate singles & help the platform to find the ideal match for you according to who you have already swiped.

2) The platform automatically sends suggested matches to you according to your preference. If you have missed something at first glance, you will still find that later on.

3) A new user is able to browse the database for free in order to see what's in it for them. If you see somebody that you like, you can join the platform and interact with that person.

4) Add-ons are optional; add-ons can make your search easier.

5) Zoosk has a website and an app.
Frequently Asked Questions about Zoosk:
1) Is Zoosk legit?

Answer: Yes, it is absolutely legit. It has been on the market for 14 years!

2) I'm a horny man looking for a no-strings-attached relationship. Should I try Zoosk?

Answer: Yes, you should try this platform because Zoosk has many women. In reality, most hookup sites have many more men than women, but Zoosk is a bit different – because Zoosk is not really a site which was designed for hookups, a large number of women have joined the site – realistically, most women want some kind of relationship. When you join Zoosk, you are able to meet lots of women. Then it is your job to convince them to start casual relationships with you, e.g., you would be well-advised to be honest with women from the beginning by saying, "Actually, I'm not looking for anything serious right now." Because women appreciate your honesty, they won't hate you and may still stay engaged. Now you can keep chatting with women and convert potential candidates into real dates, for many women don't really know what they want: They might think they want a serious relationship when they join the platform, but after a while, they may change their mind! It all depends on how you communicate with women. Remember: You are supposed to be the leader in every interaction with women. Whenever a woman says something that you like or does something that supports you, you'd better say, "That's cool, and…" Because she wants to be cool, she is very likely to further follow your direction. Clearly, the basic principle is to reward good behavior and punish bad behavior. This is an effective way to train your lady!

3) I'm a horny woman looking for a casual relationship. Is Zoosk the right platform for me?

Answer: Yes, it is the right dating site because:

I. Most men are willing to start from something fun and flirty & then if things go well, they are happy to have meaningful relationships with the right candidates.

II. Almost every dating site has many more men than women, so if you are looking for a casual hookup online, you can find that in record time. Zoosk has millions of members; therefore, you will find what you are looking for very quickly.

Most women want serious relationships due to various reasons: A) They want children. B) The society has told them to want serious relationships. C) They need financial security. D) They want to fit in. E) They want a sense of belonging. There is nothing wrong with a serious relationship. I totally respect that. But I would argue that if you start from the idea of having a serious relationship at the very beginning of your journey, the approach is probably wrong – how do you know whether someone is the right person from Day 1? In my view, you would be well-advised to start from something more casual and relaxing at the very beginning & allow things to unfold naturally. Then if things are going well and you can see the guy you are dating is indeed the right person, then you can start a serious, long-term and meaningful relationship. This approach is much more practical and beneficial in my opinion.
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Experts' comments:

"Zoosk is a legit dating site which helps people find romantic relationships on the Internet. As a virtual dating assistant, I've helped my clients find different types of relationships on this platform. The results are satisfying." (Jade Seashell)

"I think Zoosk is a high-quality dating website for individuals who are looking for various kinds of relationships. No matter you are looking for a hookup or a real relationship, you can find exactly what you want on this platform because its database is huge." (Serghei)

"This dating site is one of the best in the world, as evidenced by so many positive Zoosk reviews on the Internet. Personally, I would highly recommend this dating site because many of my friends have found the right type of romance they desire via this platform." (Curt Coch)

Users' comments:

"Zoosk dating site is the only dating website that I use because I've met so many interesting and attractive women here. I'm in an open marriage and I would say the majority of women that I date outside my marriage are from Zoosk." (William K., 35, London)

"In my opinion, Zoosk is very flexible because I can find casual flings as well as serious relationships on this site. I've had many flings with a wide variety of hot women via this site. I met my current girlfriend on Zoosk as well. I will ask her to marry me before Christmas this year." (Ron L., 31, Sydney)

"You don't really need other dating sites if you have joined Zoosk because this dating site will meet your needs – you are able to find every type of relationship that you can imagine here. As long as you are honest, you can get exactly what you want fast." (Sherri G., 34, New York City)

Uncommon but very important questions about Zoosk dating site:

1) What is Zoosk customer service like?

Answer: A successful dating site like that certainly has a strong team, so their customer service team are very helpful and professional.

2) Should I log into Zoosk every day?

Answer: Zoosk login is quick and easy. If you use this dating site on your computer, you don't really need to log out on your browser. This is more convenient, right?

3) How trustworthy is Zoosk.com?

Answer: It is one of the most trustworthy dating sites on the planet. Many people have found what they want in this community.

4) Which option is better, Zoosk dating site or Zoosk app?

Answer: If you work from home, the desktop version is better because you need a bigger screen to see other members' photos more clearly. But if you work in an office, maybe you want to use the app version because if there are other people in the office, you don't want them to see what you are doing on your computer, right?
Quote: "What is Zoosk? Well, it is a dating site where you can find romantic relationships on the Internet – it's handy and user-friendly."