BuddyGays Review: Is this gay hookup site legitimate?

BuddyGays is a comprehensive and affordable gay hookup website which has more than 10,000 active members online at the same time. This site is more popular after 7pm because most gay daters have spare time to use online dating sites at night.


  • The sign-up process is stream-lined. You just need to fill in the form about your age, email address, password and post code. And you are ready to go!
  • Live chats and quick gay hookup: BuddyGays gay hook up site isn't really about looking for serious, long-term and meaningful marriages or relationships. As a matter of fact, it's more about hooking up with other gay men. ;-)
  • Search and navigation: Members can search its database according to location, age, photo, marital status, ethnicity, hair color, eye color, piercings, tattoos, education, religion, income, drinking or smoking habits, body type and sexual orientation (bisexual or gay).
  • There are two account types – free membership and paid membership. Free users must see many ads on this gay hookup dating site because that's how this website monetizes its audience. But paid members don't see any ads and can enjoy other benefits such as creating a second profile, uploading a lot of videos and photos and surfing online anonymously.
  • Technologies such as SSL encryption are utilized here to protect users' privacy; therefore, BuddyGays is a secure and safe gay hookup dating website for bisexual men and gay men.

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  • A 3-day membership: $1.41/day
  • A 1-month membership: $1.30/day
  • A 3-month membership: $0.73/day
  • A 6-month membership: $0.59/day

Note that prices are subject to change without prior notice; therefore, please check its current pricing before signing up :-)


  • Paid members can have an extended message storage, i.e. they are able to keep in touch with others who have hooked up with them already.
  • Paid members can view message history and savor what has already happened.
  • It's a cost-effective gay hookup dating site because it's cheaper than most similar sites.
  • When a user upgrades his membership (from a free membership to a paid membership), the bank statement will not show "gay" on it. Hence, the user's privacy is safe and secure.
  • You can cancel your membership any time on your profile. You can also permanently delete your profile if you like.


  • As its cost is lower, the quality of its users isn't high enough. Other gay hookup sites use higher prices to filter their members, so those sites may have many more high-quality gay daters who are looking to hook up with other gay men.
  • Although BuddyGays has a Frequently Asked Questions list, those answers are hard to understand because they are confusing to some degree.
  • Its interface and design are not very chic.

Users' comments:

"BuddyGays is where bisexual men and gay men congregate and celebrate life. It's indeed the best gay hookup website I've ever tried." (Bryan C., 36, lecturer, Arizona)

"BuddyGays gay hookup site works for me. I understand its philosophy and highly appreciate this platform which has introduced a lot of very attractive gay men to me. Now my love life is very satisfying and beautiful." (Eric E., 28, personal trainer, Texas)

"As a closeted gay guy, I only use BuddyGays secretly because I don't want anyone to know that I'm actually gay. I'm married to a lesbian woman who doesn't care whether I'm hooking up with other people or not because she married me in order to hide her true sexuality. My wife is hooking up with women and I'm hooking up with men. We are both okay with this. Although we don't 100% enjoy this open marriage / relationship, we don't blame anyone because this is nobody's fault. We just want to fit in and look like most people around us as we both have very important positions in the government. We want to keep our influential jobs and our marriage is our mutual benefits. There is nothing wrong with that." (Alex V., 40, government official, California)

"I'm a bisexual man married to a straight woman who is happy to have an open marriage – she also wants to hook up with other men. Sometimes we even have a threesome at home. For example, every Friday night, we invite a guy to our house and have a good time until Saturday morning. We met most of our candidates via BuddyGays and it's been a wonderful experience so far. I highly recommend BuddyGays gay hookup website to people who are interested in a similar lifestyle." (Curtis L., 39, social worker, Washington)

"I'm not openly gay because I am married with kids. I don't want my children to know their dad is actually gay. That's just my choice and my decision. My wife actually knows that I'm gay, but she doesn't want to divorce me because I'm also her sugar daddy – I'm a very good provider and she doesn't want to go to work anyway. Therefore, this marriage works pretty well for me – my wife prefers masturbation – after our kids were born, my job is done, so I should just move on with my true self and let her masturbate, which is something that she doesn't mind anyway. Since we are both very cool people, my wife and I have a healthy marriage, and I'm able to hook up with gay men on BuddyGays gay hookup website any time." (David J., 37, artist, Maryland)
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Experts' comments:

"BuddyGays is a legit gay hookup site that is trusted by many members and industry experts." (Jade Seashell, dating coach and relationship advisor)

"BuddyGays has so many charming chatrooms where gay men and bisexual men can communicate online and hook up later." (Curt Coch, CEO and Founder of iDateAdivce.com, the best dating advice blog for men)

"Always meet another member in a public place such as a coffeehouse or a restaurant if this is the first time for you to meet someone online." (Andy K., spokesperson of Findle gay travel app)

"I don't know why BuddyGays.com has links to other dating websites that include women. That is confusing." (Alex Ainsworth, spokesperson and CEO of Brilic dating app)

"This gay hookup site has a subculture for gay sugar daddy dating, so you may even find a gay sugar daddy on this platform." (Serghei, spokesperson of iDateAdvice)

"Interracial gay dating is commonplace on BuddyGays because this gay hookup website encourages gay men to go after what they actually want." (Elizabeth O., CEO and co-founder of HookupApps.Dating)

"The majority of BuddyGays's members are from North America. Most of them are looking for casual sexual encounters instead of meaningful, long-term and serious relationships or marriages. In America, the hookup culture is real and popular; therefore, gay hookup websites such as BuddyGays are becoming increasingly popular." (Don Y., co-founder, CEO and spokesperson of Beauties-of-Ukraine.com)

"Yes, BuddyGays is for gay men and bisexual men to meet each other online and hook up offline. But it is not for straight men who are simply curious about the gay lifestyle. If you are wondering whether you are gay or not but you never had youthful noticing or homophobia, chances are you're not gay. You can consult with an expert in this industry if you like. However, please don't join BuddyGays only because you are curious – this gay hookup website is for gay men and bisexual men who already know their sexuality clearly." (Michael B. Wilson, director and CEO of DatingAppsAdvice.com)

"BuddyGays is a reliable gay hookup site where dominant tops meet attractive bottoms. You will be able to bottom like a p*rn star or top like a true stud after joining this website. Congratulations." (Alex Sergent, CEO and co-founder of BARE dating, the first sexting app in the world)


Value for money
Members' quality

Executive Summary / Verdict:

You can join BuddyGays if you are a bisexual man or a gay man, no matter you are closeted or openly gay. But if you are a straight man who is curious about gay dating, at this stage this gay hookup website isn't for you. It is your responsibility to find out your real sexuality before making a decision so that you are a responsible person. It is said that most curious men who wonder whether they are gay or not are not gay. Also, sexuality is a spectrum; oftentimes it's not binary, so you'd better consult with an expert in this field who can help you clarify your true sexuality if you like. Of course, in today's day and age, more and more men are happy to admit their homosexuality and that's fine – that's why they are willing to use gay hookup services to explore their sexuality and love lives, thereby getting tremendous satisfaction overall.

Quote: "BuddyGays is a legitimate gay hookup service where bisexual men and gay men can hook up with each other easily. If you are looking for a quick hookup and release the tension in your body, you can do it now."