Best 10 cougar hookup apps
Are you looking for a cougar / sugar momma / MILF? Well, let me clarify the differences in terms of these three terms right now.

A cougar
is an older woman dating a younger man. Usually, she is at least 12-15 years older than her partner. Some cougars are at least 20 years older than her partner. I know a 56-year-old cougar who is dating a 24-year-old handsome man.

A sugar momma is a rich woman who financially supports her toy boy (AKA male sugar baby). Oftentimes a sugar momma is an older woman and her male sugar baby is a younger man. But she isn't necessarily much older than her toy boy. For example, in Breakfast at Tiffany's, Paul is probably only a few years younger than Emily (I would say Emily is in her 30s and Paul is in his 20s).

A MILF is an attractive, mature woman who is probably a mother (MILF: Mom, I'd like to f**k). In other words, she is a desirable and sophisticated lady that naturally attracts men in a sexual way. Her partner isn't necessarily younger than her.

Okay. With the information above, we can introduce the 10 best cougar hookup apps now. Please note that you can find cougars, sugar mommas and MILFs on these apps! Ready to take some notes?
Cougars on Brilic are hot, hot, hot! I mean they are truly hot. I personally met several cougars via Brilic dating app and I can tell you that they are absolutely stunning. A cougar that I met on Brilic looks like Jennifer Lopez – a natural tan, red lips, penetrating eyes and a sexy body. Therefore, this is the best cougar hookup app in my opinion.
2) Loveplanet
This is a cougar hookup app, although it doesn't mention "sugar momma" or anything like that in its description on iTunes. These days most wealthy dating apps are removed by Apple, so if you are looking for a cougar, Loveplanet is definitely the right app for you because it's still online and it's very popular.
3) Mature Dating
On this cougar hookup app, your data is safe and secure because its advanced technology can protect your information very well. A lot of cougars, sugar mommas and MILFs are on Mature Dating app because they are very lonely. Indeed, most successful women find it very difficult to get guys because they are too powerful themselves. Let's be honest: normally, a woman wants to marry someone who is wealthier than her, but in this day and age, so many women are very rich. No wonder it's much harder for them to get married. That's why these cougars, sugar mommas and MILFs are looking for casual hookups instead these days.
4) Meet a Cougar
As its name suggests, Meet a Cougar is a dating app for older women and younger men who are looking for casual hookups and arrangements online. This cougar hookup app has an advanced matchmaking algorithm which guarantees a high success rate, so it's been recommended by many industry experts in the Internet dating scene. ☻
5) Sugar Momma Dating and Single Search
This is a free cougar hookup app for cougars and toy boys. You may find some wealthy widows on this platform because when women are rich and lonely, they are mostly like to join online dating apps in today's day and age. Women are more afraid of loneliness than men because women want to be a part of something – it's called a sense of belonging. So, if you are keen to help a cougar overcome her loneliness, this is the perfect dating app for you.
6) Sudy Cougar
Sudy Cougar offers verified matches, so you are in good hands! Sudy is a company which runs many dating apps on the market, and Sudy Cougar is one of their high-end dating platforms. If you think you deserve a love life on your terms, you would be well-advised to join Sudy Cougar today.
7) Cougar Dating
Cougar Dating has the biggest database in this niche. You can easily find someone suitable on this dating app. Men on Cougar Dating are handsome, attractive and intelligent. More importantly, they are ambitious men who know what they want and how to get it. Also, women on Cougar Dating are elegant, beautiful and alluring, so this cougar hookup app is pretty cool.
8) Cougar Dating Online
Cougar Dating Online is a cougar hookup app which allows people to find both long-term relationships and short-term flings. Cougars and younger guys are having a great time on this dating platform. Interestingly, this dating app has many social media functions, e.g. displaying members' moments and posts (it's very user-friendly). By the way, men on this dating app aren't very young because many cougars are looking for men who are similar to their own age.
9) Cougar Dating Life
You may send virtual gifts to other people on Cougar Dating Life, so it's a very interactive dating community that is loved by so many cougars and their admirers worldwide. However, this cougar hookup app charges a relatively high membership fee, so you can't be too poor if you would like to join this app.
10) Seeking
Seeking is also known as Seeking Arrangement which is the world's most popular platform for people to find arrangements on the Internet. The reason this app is No. 10 on this list is because there are many more sugar daddies than sugar mommas in its database. But I'm pretty sure it is a high-quality dating app for those who don't want a stressful traditional relationship which is full of drama and exhaustion. Hence, if you are a switched-on individual, Seeking is a good choice! You can try it tonight and see how it goes.
Quote: "The best cougar hookup apps are here for you to choose – love the journey!"