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Pure.App Review: Find Casual Partners on this Hookup Dating App

Launched in 2014, Pure dating app is a good place where people can find casual hookups quickly. Anonymity as well as discretion are maintained very well here.


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Value for money
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1) A member is given one hour only to chat up other users before your dating profile disintegrates. In that hour, the member sends a request for casual hookup. Within the time limit, the user is given matches that are nearby, receive contact details and set up dates. That means if a member would like to use Pure again, they must create a new dating profile!

2) Creating a dating profile only takes a few minutes.

3) GPS locates members near you.

4) Click on 'yes' to indicate that you like someone's profile.

5) All messages are deleted after one hour.


1) The minimalistic design is very appealing. The black font, white background and minimalistic cartoons look pristine and clean.

2) The chat window appears when there is a mutual interest.

3) Temporary profiles help you remain anonymous!

4) A 3-day free trial gives you a sample of the experience on this hookup app.

5) Female users can use this hookup dating app for free.


1) The free trial requires your credit card details as well.

2) The time limit is not convenient.

3) You can't really show your personality because your profile is just your selfie.
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Experts' comments:

"Pure dating app was developed by Carol Queen, an American sexologist and sociologist who is very active in the feminism movement. Her erotica and tutorials are amazing." (Jade Seashell)

"Most members on Pure are in the United States, the United Kingdom, Mexico and Russia." (Curt Coch)

"On this hookup dating app, everyone is looking for no-strings-attached encounters. Please make sure that's exactly what you want before joining this app." (Serghei)
Mobile app 1-week membership: $10.99

Mobile app 1-month membership: $21.99

Mobile app 3-month membership: $43.99

Mobile app 1-year membership: $54.99

Desktop version 1-week membership: $9.99

Desktop version 1-month membership: $19.99

Desktop version 6-month membership: $39.99

A user's story:

Xavier (a guy that I met on Pure dating app) makes perfect ice cream at home.

He has made 4 flavors of ice cream.

I begin with the matcha ice cream, 'Actually, matcha is powdered green tea leaves, a very effective natural antioxidant. Now you know why I look younger than my chronological age, ha! Truthfully, the older you become, the thinner your lips become. So, I drink green tea every day.'

Now Xavier looks at my lips with intensity, 'Frankly, I really like the way you eat matcha ice cream because the way you lick it as well as your lips is intoxicating.'

Yes, I have full lips with very good volume – this is not commonplace among White women. Usually, I keep my pink lips in great shape by using Dior lip plumper at night. Also, I think using a hookup dating app has surely helped. Of course, eating matcha ice cream is a bonus.

Suddenly, Xavier grabs me and declares, 'I'm going to take your pleasure to the next level, as I like how you look when you feel sexually aroused.'

To be honest, I find chocolate and ice cream both arousing. I'm wondering what Xavier will do next. I feel excited and helpless at the same time!

He undresses me slowly, as I'm licking the scrumptious ice cream.

I simply let him do his job and I wonder, 'What is next?'
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Xavier takes out various flavors of ice cream and some ingredients as well, and then he places them next to the bed. He piles very soft cream on my nipples. I absolutely love the chilly sensation. He carefully places cookies on my stomach and spreads the black forest ice cream around my slightly aroused honey pot. Then he mixes honey with the black forest ice cream. Somehow, the naughty honey finds a way into my aroused honey pot.

Then Xavier begins to lick my honey pot and my black forest. His powerful tongue has the ideal strength and rhythm, stroking my beautiful flower inside the black forest. Every time his sensitive tongue touches my clitoris, my uncontrollable love juice washes the honey out of my super aroused honey pot.

All of a sudden, Xavier realizes that I've already finished eating the matcha ice cream. Hence, he passes me the wonderful black forest ice cream and gently says, 'Just eat this flavor.'

Of course, I complied perfectly. This guy that I met on the hookup dating app is so hot.

This flavor tastes absolutely divine, while Xavier keeps licking the other mysterious forest….
Quote: "Though I'm covered with yummy ice cream, I actually feel like my entire body is setting off powerful fireworks right now. This is almost surreal, thanks to Pure dating app."