XMeets hookup site review: Can we trust this hookup dating site?

XMeets is an incredibly popular hookup dating website where horny men and horny women meet each other online and hook up offline. But it seems that there are many negative reviews about this hookup dating service, so can we trust it?


  • Discover member tweets on the home page.
  • See members near me.
  • Watch live web cams.
  • See recent chats.
  • View featured members.
  • Become a featured member.
  • View newest hotties.
  • Best matches.
  • See who viewed me.
  • Amateur member videos.
  • Search according to 'who's online now'.
  • Search for the newest members.
  • Search for the best matches.
  • Search for members based on location, age and whether they have photos in their dating profiles.
  • Messages (read and send emails).
  • A scientific matchmaking service (quickie).
  • Read text messages (SMS).
  • View the newest users on the site.
  • In the Friends Network section, you can meet your mutual & related friends, view your private photos / videos and receive network broadcast messages.
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  • $8.91: a 3-day trial membership.
  • $34.95: a 1-month membership.
  • $83.97: a 3-month membership.
  • $119.94: a 6-month membership.

Note that prices are subject to change, so you'd better double check the current pricing before joining Xmeet hookup site.


  • Many members are married people looking for some online fun rather than real-life sexual encounters, so XMeets is an ideal place if you are happily married and would like to explore something sexy on the Internet, thereby inspiring yourself in the bedroom with your spouse.
  • "Fantasy Cuties" are really, really hot members.
  • Its design is intuitive, modern and simple, so it's quite user-friendly.


  • Xmeets hires third-party contractors to be their "Fantasy Cuties", meaning those "Fantasy Cuties" are not genuine women looking for casual hookups (they are paid by Xmeets so that men would stay on the site). However, XMeets has clarified that their "Fantasy Cuties" member profiles are operated by independent contractors who are paid by this website. These "Fantasy Cuties" are provided for their audience's entertainment pleasure and to enhance online companionship. "Fantasy Cuties" can interact with members to encourage further participation; however, these interactions won't result in a real date. When you see a profile with a yellow star, you know that's a "Fantasy Cutie".
  • Lack of enough women means this hookup dating service has a big problem because men wouldn't stay on XMeets when women are not there.
  • In order to communicate with other members, male members have to pay a membership fee.
  • XMeets has stolen photos from other sources such as amateur p*rn websites. Basically, XMeets hookup site has created fake dating profiles and then uploaded amateur p*rn stars' photos to their website. That being said, there are some free software services that enable Internet users to identify fake photos / profiles (e.g. reverse image search software – you can identify where photos are taken from, so if you click on the photo, the software can spit out all the links where the same dating profile photo is located on the Internet). Therefore, sophisticated online daters can't be manipulated ;-)
  • You may receive computer-generated messages from different women when you join this hookup dating site. But in order to communicate with other users, you have to upgrade your membership (buy a premium membership). Note that these computer-generated messages look extremely real because they were written by a real person and then were saved into the computer system.
  • You even have to upgrade your membership in order to read fake emails from "Fantasy Cuties".

Extra information:

  • XMeets's hosting server's address is 410 Terry Ave N., Seattle, Washington, 98109, the United States.
  • Its server's IP address is

Users' comments:

"I use XMeets to masturbate because I don't want to hook up with other women – I'm married, although I am in a sexless marriage. My wife and I haven't had any real intercourse for ten years. Therefore, the solution is to talk to Fantasy Cuties on Xmeets, which works for me, in my opinion. I think this is an outstanding online hookup site!" (Jeff G., 65, retired, North Carolina)

"I do expect to hook up with hot women in person. But it seems that Xmeets can't even offer real dates. I'm so disappointed. They still charge monthly fees, which is ridiculous. I guess it's because most men who have paid for this service don't want to hire a lawyer and sue this scam site – that would embarrass these men because nobody wants anyone else to know that they are on a hookup dating website or app." (Paul V., 40, Chief Marketing Officer, Pennsylvania)

"I guess Xmeet hookup site must have figured something out because this website has been in the online dating industry for quite a while when the competition is increasingly stiff. It's not easy to run a hookup dating app or any dating site these days because the market is very saturated, as I see it. But somehow, Xmeet not only survived, but also thrived & is still thriving!" (Frank K., 38, business manager, Georgia)

"I'm a woman on Xmeets. And I can confirm that I'm not a 3rd-party contractor hired by Xmeet because I'm a real member. I think as long as men don't assume Fantasy Cuties with yellow stars to be real members, Xmeets is not a scam at all. In my view, since Xmeets has already clarified that Fantasy Cuties are contractors hired by the website in order to encourage further participation and online pleasure, this hookup site is not a scam – at least they don't lie to you. I understand that there are always many more men than women on most hookup dating apps and sites, but there are indeed some genuine women who actually want to hook up with men online and I am one of them." (Kristy, 34, dancer, Michigan)

"As a woman on Xmeets, I usually receive at least 100 messages from different men each day because this website doesn't have enough women on it. Anyway, I'm spoilt by options on this platform, so I can choose the best guy from a list of hot and horny men. I reckon in order to run a successful hookup dating app or site, the platform must have a reasonable number of women; otherwise, it's not sustainable." (Christina, 27, chef, Colorado)
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Experts' comments:

"I don't have any comments on Xmeets hookup site because I have never heard of that site before. Sorry about that." (Jade Seashell, dating consultant and relationship advisor)

"I've heard of XMeets before, but I don't know much about it because I haven't seen enough reviews about this casual hookup site." (Curt Coch, CEO and founder of iDateAdvice.com)

"XMeets looks all right. Although it's not ideal, at least it's honest – it tells you that Fantasy Cuties are just fantasies." (Michael B. Wilson, director and operation manager of DatingAppsAdvice.com)

"Personally, I wouldn't join Xmeets because I'm not interested in online fantasies. If I want to have a fantasy, I don't need to join any dating site because there are so many free fantasies on Google!" (Andy K., spokesperson and operation manager of FindleApp.com)

"I tried XMeets once and I wouldn't say I enjoyed it. There are many similar websites and apps that are much better than Xmeets. But that's just my opinion. You can disagree with me." (Don Y., spokesperson and co-founder of Beauties-of-Ukraine.com)

"Since Xmeets has many more men than women, I think it's a great platform for women because in order to find quality, quantity clearly matters." (Elizabeth O., co-founder and manager of HookupApps.Dating)

"I don't know XMeets well enough to give a comment." (Alex Sergent, CEO and co-founder of BARE dating app)


Value for money
Members' quality

Verdict / Executive summary:

XMeets hookup site is a legitimate online dating site, but please note that not every member is a real member because their "Fantasy Cuties" are third-party contractors hired by XMeets in order to encourage further participation and online engagement (online pleasure). In other words, if you are looking to masturbate, XMeets is a good place. But if you are actually looking for a real date, this isn't the best option as there are many legit hookup apps and websites that can introduce real dates to you so that you don't have to masturbate every night. Therefore, it's up to you when it comes to whether you only want to find some online fun or you really want to find real dates with real people in real life.

Quote: "A fantasy hookup site like XMeets isn't for everyone. Yes, for those who only want to have some online pleasure, it's a great website because it gives you exactly what you are looking for – online fun only. But for those who want to find real people to hook up with, XMeets can be very disappointing because it doesn't have enough real members in its community."