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Looking to find casual encounters online? seems to be a great hookup dating website for singles to meet each other for casual fun. But is this website really that good?


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1) Create a dating profile with your email address, password, location, age and interest.

2) Set your dating preference.

3) Send messages to other members.

4) Safe Mode controls who can send messages to you.

5) Full Mode allows verified users to send messages to you.

6) Basic mode lets everybody sends messages to you (but you can't respond to their messages unless you have already deactivated the Safe Mode).

7) An SMS chat feature is also available if you pay an extra fee.

8) Wink – get a user's attention fast.

9) Search for users with particular parameters.

10) Like gallery – like other users here.


1) You can share your status to express your thoughts.

2) People must follow their community guidelines.

3) This hookup dating site has a desktop version and a mobile version (not an app, but you can use your phone's browser to access easily).

4) Its design is very impressive and high-quality.

5) This website is user-friendly and handy.


1) Some women's profiles are fake.

2) It's not cheap.
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1) 1-month subscription: US$39.00 per month

2) 3-month subscription: US$21.90 per month

3) 6-month subscription: US$17.70 per month

A user's story:

Richard knows that my tango dance moves are excellent, yet he doesn't know I'm great at Burlesque as well.

In the dim bedroom, Richard and I are listening to Enya's music.

"This song is so romantic," Richard says, "Let's dance to the music."

"Nope. Sit down." I immediately point at the chair.

Surely Richard complies.

I slowly lean against the wall & begin the Burlesque routine. My slim body is moving against the bedroom wall slowly. I suddenly squat on my golden high heels & then open my long legs. I begin to walk towards Richard.

After tying his hands to the chair with a purple ribbon, I begin my Burlesque moves. My sensuous body moves closer to his and I've already noticed his erection. Now my bottom could even feel his willy. At this moment, my black stockings are wet with juice.

Both of us are silent. Only my dance moves and the music go on.

I slowly and gradually undress Richard and begin to put dark chocolate on his body.

Sensuously, I lick the dark chocolate on Richard's chest, his six-pack, and his thighs…

I could taste the dark chocolate on his entire body – it's divine. Also, I feel that right now my vulva is just like a very swollen pink macaron & I truly desire his penetration.
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After untying the purple ribbon around Richard's hands, heat rushes through my entire body. Now I'm literally dripping, so Richard enters my honeypot with the strongest thrust in the universe.

Frankly, my senses are catered for so well. The taste of dark chocolate on him, the sound of the romantic music, the thrusts from Richard's extremely hard willy…. Now I completely surrender my whole body, soul and spirit in the overwhelming ecstasy which totally devours me.

Although we met on, Richard and I actually hook up repeatedly.

The lockdown means nobody is on the beach of a local island. Therefore, we are on a breathtakingly gorgeous island today.

This almost feels unreal because only two of us are on this island. The beautiful sunshine, the quiet beach, the soothing ocean waves, the mysterious forest – just for Richard and me. I didn't know this can even happen.

Richard and I lie down on the blanket inside the little forest. Now the green leaves and the golden sunshine are perfectly intertwined. What a unique scenery.

Because I'm wearing a silk dress. Richard's hands simply couldn't stay away from my very sensuous body. Since the sunshine is warming our skin, Richard and I keep caressing each other & this incredible gentleness is apparently mixed with the tender sunshine.

Due to the temperature of the sunshine, my pink nipples get much more sensitive and have become bigger. Richard's tongue and lips are massaging my hard nipples. The ocean waves sound like orgasm now. And the waves in my pussy….

Richard enters my honeypot from the back with his gentle hands on my breasts as support as my breasts are violently shaking when he is not on top of me.

Now the purple flowers and the green trees are quickly merging into one in front of me….

Is this the altered reality?

We move the blanket to the beach & then continue – we are f**king until I can't remember my name.

Thanks to the lockdown, we are able to have s*x in broad daylight, covered by the tantalizing sunshine as well as the light blue sky. No one can see us. No one can hear us. The universe is fully embracing this blissful moment. My orgasm expands… just as tremendous as the ocean.
Quote: "This excursion is best characterized by talking, foreplay, intercourse and more talking."