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This is where you find all types of sexual relationships. This is the place to be., a hookup dating site which makes all your fantasies come true.


Quality of users
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1) All kinds of kinks are here.

2) Kinks' profile section makes it easy to find what you want.

3) Advanced search functionality.

4) All-encompassing user profiles.


1) It's not free. You have to buy a subscription in order to view other users' dating profiles and contact other members.

2) This hookup dating website does not even have a matching algorithm.

3) It seems that some users are from other websites' database. This is bizarre.
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1) Registration is nice and easy.

2) The content is not censored. It's similar to an adult porn site. Therefore, you would be ill-advised to visit this hookup dating site on your work computer in the office. You never know who is standing behind you.

3) Show interest in other users via liking user profiles, friending other users, updating status, favoriting dating profiles, sending emails to other users and sending winks.

4) Although does not have a mobile app, you can still access its website on the browser of your smart phone. It works okay.

5) Matching features include age range, location, gender, body type, race, and so on.

6) This hookup dating site has a game-like atmosphere!

7) A kink questionnaire helps you meet other users who have the same inclinations.

8) Display mild to extreme sexual interest in thirty-one categories of activities, from massage to lingerie / extreme / fetishes.

9) Digital encounters.

10) In-person encounters.

11) The Live Action: live model cams (users can direct the show), member live webcams (a conversation between the member and their viewers), broadcasters, adult chatrooms, flash chats and instant messages.

12) Connexion: Buy a s*x toy, download flash player, link the adult toy to your computer and go to a live model cam option. The chosen model will sync real time so that you can feel this sexy woman's each movement when she feels your movement.

13) What's Hot: Meet other users and see adult movies on this hookup dating website.
1) Basic account: free

2) 1-month subscription: $20

3) 3-month subscription: $20 per month

4) 12-month subscription: $15 per month
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A user's comment:

When you are on a hookup dating website, the platform has given you the permission to reveal whatever you like as long as you agree with the terms and conditions. In order to help you stand out from the crowd, I've summarized the following key ideas about sexting, online dating and attraction so that you can have a love life on your terms!

If you are a woman, please identify your asset(s).

Firstly, I'd like to clarify the difference between an asset and a liability.

1) An asset is something that brings you benefits, e.g. your youth and beauty can bring male attention & most influential people in our society are men; therefore, you may convert male attention into a promotion at work / a wealthy boyfriend / a successful Instagram page that you can monetize…. ;)) In conclusion, your youth / beauty is your asset.

2) A liability is something that takes value away from you, e.g. a toxic friend is literally an energy vampire – spending time with this person makes you exhausted because this friendship is a one-way street. ☹ In conclusion, this toxic friend is your liability. (It's time to upgrade your social circle!)

Okay. Now you've understood the difference between these two key concepts. So, let's have a look at how to identify your asset(s)!

Obviously, there are some very cool tips for you to consider:

I. If your boobs are your golden ticket, you would be well-advised to expose that cleavage. (Even if your boobs aren't really your golden ticket, you might make it a bankable asset by learning how to use makeup on your boobs – You can use a light brown eyeshadow to accentuate your cleavage & a beige eyeshadow on your breasts near the cleavage to further highlight the fullness of your boobs!) Yes, your boobs are your assets.

II. If your ass is what gets you the most male attention, you should totally perfect the side view shot so the world knows what you are working with! That means your ass is your asset.

III. If your body is built like Keira Knightley, that's not a problem – you can go with the conventional face shot, complete with "come f**k me" eyes and highly kissable lips. That means your eyes and lips are your assets.

Upload the correct photo that can display your asset(s), and see what happens on the hookup dating site. :))
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