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EroticMonkey Review: High-quality escort reviews are here

Erotic Monkey is a rare gemstone – it's a review site where you can find quality escort reviews! :))


Value for money
Quality of members
User satisfaction
Overall quality


1) Very few websites offer escort reviews, but you can find reliable escort reviews on Erotic Monkey!

2) There are forums where you can discuss your interests with like-minded people.

3) You can write reviews! ;))


1) It's too American. If you are from Australia, the UK or other countries, you probably can't find what you are looking for on this website. :((

2) You must have an account before you can read reviews.
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1) View reviews according to different regions of the United States.

2) Filter reviews based on highest average rating, the number of reviews and last time on the website.

3) Escorts can advertise themselves on this platform.

4) If an escort is really good, she will be in the featured area of this website.

5) Some reviews include both pros and cons, so apparently, most reviews are quite objective.

6) Some forums allow you to meet like-minded people online. Apart from subsections for every city, there is a general questions section as well as a section for men to find sugar babies.

7) You can add an escort manually to the site if she isn't on this website. Then you can write a review.

8) Safe Browsing button removes all pictures on the website, so the platform only displays text. That means you can visit this website when you are in a public place – nobody will actually carefully read the text on your screen, but they will notice erotic images on your screen.
Frequently Asked Questions about Erotic Monkey:
1) What is Erotic Monkey?

Answer: It is a website where you can read escort reviews and find escorts online.

2) Is Erotic Monkey safe?

Answer: It's safe, but you need to sign up before you can read reviews. Having said that, you can use a burner email anyway. A burner email is able to protect your identity.

3) Is Erotic Monkey good?

Answer: Yes, I think it's good because of the gemstone effect – very few sites provide escort reviews!

4) Why should I visit this escort review site?

Answer: You can choose escorts according to a wide variety of metrics, e.g., height, age, ethnicity, hair color as well as what kinds of services they offer. Some of these escorts are p0rn stars! Isn't this a dream come true?
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Users' comments:
"As a senior escort, I have been using this website to advertise myself for quite a while. It's a highly effective platform because most of my high-quality clients come from this site. I really appreciate this unique website." (Joyce F., 32, New York City)

"I'm a newbie in this industry, but I've learned a lot from this review site. I have met some very interesting men via this platform. Now I have accumulated 88 reviews. I'm so grateful." (Katherine E., 21, Chicago)

"I accidentally discovered this website the other day. It's so good. I can talk about things that are truly interesting on the forum. I have met one escort from this site so far. I would say it's been a very pleasant experience." (Colin A., 25, Santa Monica)

"Erotic Monkey is a wildly popular escort review site that I highly recommend. I have slept with some p0rn stars via this website. I don't have any regret in my life because I've done everything that I wanted to do!" (Dale B., 26, Los Angeles)

Executive Summary:

As a high-quality escort review site, Erotic Monkey is a valuable resource that escorts and their clients should cherish. This site offers genuine reviews and escorts' ads online, so that men know which escort can bring them true joy and real fascination. Some escorts have hundreds of reviews from different men, so clearly, seasoned escorts are also on this platform which brings them very good clients. This isn't an optional industry in reality because a lot of men have to find companionship through this industry (otherwise, they cannot find satisfaction in their reality). In order to make life easier for men who need companionship and escorts who need clients, this platform provides these individuals with real and unbiased reviews. Now you can make an informed decision based on the reviews on this wonderful website!
Quote: "Finding enjoyable companionship is a great way to end depression and anxiety. As a result, a large number of men in the United States have started to explore escort reviews on the Internet, which gives them trustworthy information about escorts. I really hope men in other countries can enjoy something like this as well."