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Grindr Review: The Ultimate Gay Hookup Site for Very Horny Men

Although Gary Vaynerchuk isn't gay, he has some very interesting comments on Grindr: "Subcultures always win. That's why Grindr is a wildly successful dating site / app for gay men." And I totally agree with Gary Vaynerchuk because in reality, subcultures always win quite easily – a subculture is usually a close-knit community.

That's exactly why subcultures win almost every single time. Indeed, almost every gay man has tried Grindr at some stage in their journey. What is Grindr? How does Grindr work? Are you looking for pros and cons of Grindr? Today I will share my insights with you here. You may want to get a cup of tea and enjoy the very juicy information in this post! ;))


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1) because of apps like Grindr!

2) It's perfectly gay-friendly as it is designed for gay men looking for romance.

3) Each day, there are over 3 million active members, over 228 million messages as well as more than 20 million photos that are sent on Grindr. The average user is logged into the platform for 54 minutes per day! This is almost unheard of on other similar platforms. Clearly, Grindr is a good community where you can meet many real and genuine people.

4) Getting started is nice and easy. All you need to do is to give some basic information such as your email address, username, password, sexual interests and age.

5) You can find tribes such as Bear, Twink, Otter or Jock.

6) Due to its location-based matchmaking feature, you are able to view 100 men's profiles and all of them are in your local area. Simply swipe left if you don't have attraction or swipe right if you are interested – the app is so user-friendly.

7) By changing your search filters, you can see very different search results.

8) You can chat with other members, favorite attractive members, share photos and block certain users.

9) Most features are totally free. Yet you can upgrade your account to a GrindrX account which costs $5 per month. In this way, you are able to enjoy extra features such as seeing more dating profiles each day, sending more than one photo at a time & blocking as many users as you like. The pricing is quite reasonable.

10) It's more than dating and finding casual flings. This community is also about social justice for LGBTQ people, as evidenced by Grindr for Equality. In order to support Black Lives Matter, this gay dating site has removed ethnicity and race as a search filter option on the app. Now men can't racially profile their dates anymore. However, they are able to search by height, weight, age, photos only, online now, looking for…, and so on. I remember a friend of mine once said, "All people actually belong to one race. If a White man and a Black man can date, that means they are from one race. Otherwise, they can't even date. For example, a dog and a cat can't date!"

11) Its blog has very comprehensive information, e.g., news, travel, culture, politics, entertainment as well as personal stories or success stories.

12) Most Grindr reviews are quite positive. Obviously, most people have had great experiences on this platform.


1) Some profiles are fake.

2) There are many annoying ads everywhere.

3) Some members don't look like their pictures.
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1) GPS helps you to meet local gay men.

2) Swiping left or right is quick, nice and easy.

3) You can search the database with the help of many filters except race and ethnicity.

4) Chat with other gay men online.

5) Send photos to like-minded people.

6) Join different tribes in the gay community.

7) Read educational, entertaining and enjoyable blog posts.

8) Participate in social justice for LGBTQ individuals.

9) Block users that you don't want to see / talk to.

Dating experts' comments:

"If you try to figure out who is single and who is gay in real life, that looks like a pretty daunting task. Therefore, you would be well-advised to join Grindr which takes the burden off your shoulders – online dating saves you a lot of time. It may cost you a small amount of money each month, but that's just like the cost of a coffee, so you can afford GrindrX." (Curt Coch)

"I would certainly recommend Grindr as it is the most reputable gay dating site in the world, hands down." (Serghei)

"Grindr is probably the only gay dating site / app you need if you are a gay man looking for hookups and / or relationships, because it has an enormous community full of active members every single day." (Jade Seashell)
Real users' comments:
"I usually find flings on Grindr because most men are looking for some kind of no-strings-attached relationships in this community. Men and women are very different. While the majority of women want serious relationships, most men are more interested in having a good time because I guess men are biologically programmed to be more relaxed. Even psychologists told us that men are much less likely to have anxiety, whereas women are significantly more likely to have anxiety. I know anxiety is the most common mental health problem in the world. I think using Grindr has truly reduced my anxiety in life, for I always feel calmer after hooking up with a hot guy!" (Don B., 27, Melbourne)

"A Grindr hookup a day keeps psychologists away. Well, by that I mean whenever I have more hookups via this gay dating platform, I feel less stressed and don't need to see a psychologist. I started to see psychologists when I was in my early 20s due to overwhelming depression. But after using this gay hookup app for several years, my mental health has surely improved tremendously. I would argue that this gay dating site is very therapeutic in so many ways." (Matt V., 36, Los Angeles)

"I'm very grateful for the fact that I live in an era when something like Grindr exists – I can easily find a casual fling without much effort, thanks to Grindr hookup site / app." (Andy C., 30, Toronto)
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Frequently Asked Questions about Grindr app:

1) Is Grindr porn worth it?

Answer: If you are happy to have cyber s*x or watch some web cam performances, you will probably meet like-minded individuals in this community. As long as you are satisfied, it's totally worth it! :))

2) Do you know any other apps like Grindr?

Answer: Another option is Adam4Adam. Of course, you may try Findle – our No. 1 recommendation when it comes to gay dating and hookups!

3) Should I use Grindr app or Grindr for PC?

Answer: Before coronavirus (BC), the app version was more popular because most people were looking at their cell phones. Nevertheless, after the pandemic started, the PC version is gradually becoming more and more popular, as most people work from home these days – if you look at your computer all the time, why not visit a gay dating website?

4) Who owns Grindr?

Answer: Joel Simkhai launched Grindr in 2008 in California. In 2016, the company sold a 60% stake to Beijing Kunlun Tech, a Chinese company, which bought the remainder of the company in 2018. In 2020, Beijing Kunlun Tech announced that it plans to sell its 98.59% stake to San Vicente Acquisition LLC, an American company. After this transaction, its senior managers and key employees will still hold 1.41% of its shares.

5) What is Grindr web?

Answer: It is a free desktop version of this gay dating app. It was created for people who want to chat from their laptops or desktop computers. Interestingly, the desktop version was specifically designed for 'discreet and quick' chat when you are in the office – it utilizes a generic email interface while displaying "file folders" rather than dating profiles. In other words, when you use the desktop version of this gay hookup app, you can do it easily at the office where your boss and / or your colleagues are looking at what you are doing. You will still be okay as everyone is thinking, "This guy is checking his email and organizing his computer file folders." :))
Quote: "Are you wondering how to use Grindr? Our Grindr review has answered most of your burning questions. You may even want to take some notes if you are keen to learn how this amazing gay dating site / app works."