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YesBackpage Review: The truth about the latest alternative

If you are looking for a mainstream dating site, YesBackpage isn't for you. And if you are looking for something like Craigslist, YesBackpage isn't for you either. Then what exactly is YesBackpage? Well, as I see it, it's all about no money, no honey!


Value for money
Quality of members
User satisfaction
Overall quality


1. This platform has a large number of well-respected and reputable escorts who have left Backpage because Backpage was shut down a few years ago.

2. The format is similar to the old-school newspaper classified ads. As a result, if you like the vintage style, this is probably the right site for you. :))

3. No bells and whistles on this platform. ;))


1. You probably won't find a girlfriend here because these women are all escorts. They are not wife or girlfriend materials at all.

2. This platform is a cookie cutter copy of the original website with lots of useless ads.

3. This website might disappoint you if you are from a smaller area where the population isn't big – there are more ads in big cities on this website.

4. It's not a very searchable site.

5. It's not interactive enough. :((
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1. Various cities are listed.

2. Some escorts can receive credits from the platform toward advertising if they can show that they have lost prepaid funds when Backpage was shut down.

3. Old newspaper classified ads.
The payment system is unusual – you can't even use a credit card on YesBackpage; nevertheless, you can use gift cards, Western Union and cryptocurrency. Currencies that are accepted by this platform include Ethereum, Litecoin ad Bitcoin. That's because crypto payments are not monitored by mainstream methods which do not allow prostitution.
Frequently Asked Questions about YesBackpage:
1. What is YesBackpage?

Answer: It is the latest replacement of Backpage which has been shut down. You can find escorts on this site.

2. Is YesBackpage good?

Answer: It's actually legitimate, but I wouldn't say it's great.

3. Is YesBackpage safe?

Answer: It's reasonably safe as long as you use your brains when you join this site.

4. Why do escorts on this website prefer texting rather than talking on the phone?

Answer: Texting is more convenient. For instance, when an escort is waiting in a queue / line or sitting on a bus, she can't talk to you on the phone, so texting is handier and more practical.

5. Why does this website exist?

Answer: Because Backpage was wildly popular and successful, it is clear that this niche is lucrative – it's probably not an optional industry. Now Backpage is gone, so someone came up with an alternative website to cater for the needs of escorts and their clients.

6. Why should we support this website?

Answer: You only need to support this website if you believe that this service is helpful. There is no obligation. Many people would argue that a website like this makes the society more stable and safer, as when a lot of men can find company online via a website like this, the society becomes more peaceful and harmonious.

7. Why shouldn't we use this website?

Answer: If you can get laid via other dating sites or apps that don't feature prostitution, you will be able to save a lot of money. In that case, you'd better avoid using something like YesBackpage.
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Executive Summary:

Since Backpage has been permanently shut down, there are some alternative websites such as YesBackpage on the market these days. Because mainstream banks do not support websites that are best characterized by prostitution, this website only accepts crypto payments and gift cards. Apparently, this isn't necessarily bad because you don't want your bank statement to mention this service anyway. Frankly, many experts claim that the online dating industry is possibly an optional industry, whereas prostitution isn't necessarily an optional industry. Therefore, our YesBackpage review gives you objective information about this platform, including pros, cons, why some people would use this website and why some people shouldn't use this site. Hopefully you have learned a thing or two from this review. :))
Quote: "Escorts make this world more harmonious and more peaceful because they offer an essential service – many men feel very balanced after using their services, so obviously, this isn't an optional industry, and there is a reason why it's the oldest professional in the world. If you are keen to find a connection without attachment, YesBackpage could be the answer to your sexual prayer on the internet. Why not try this platform and see how it goes? Maybe you will find exactly what you are looking for in record time."