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Bedpage Review: What kind of hookup is this?!

Is Bedpage legit? Please read this review and you'll find all the answers that you are looking for! :))


Value for Money
Quality of Members
User Satisfaction
Overall Quality


1) It's very user-friendly and easy to use.

2) You don't need to create a profile in order to browse posts. Scrolling through posts is totally nice and easy.

3) It has a lot of options for you to choose if you live in a big city in North America.


1) If you live in a small city outside the United States and Canada, chances are you can't find the right posts.

2) Many posts aren't real because a lot of posts are the same.

3) If you are looking for a genuine hookup, this is probably not the right website because Bedpage.com is more about introducing prostitutes to clients.
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1) Bedpage online is actually an all-inclusive classified ad site, meaning it includes many different categories apart from dating, e.g., sections for second-hand equipment, business services, and so on. However, the main focus of Bedpage.com is the dating section. If you look for posts in other sections, probably you won't see any post there!

In its dating section, you will see six subsections: A) men looking for men; B) men looking for women; C) trans gender; D) women looking for men; E) women looking for women; F) telephone and online intimacy.

3) Its design is modern, simple and chic – text links help you to navigate the site easily.

4) Simply scroll through posts for cities that the platform serves.

5) Users have to confirm that they are above 18 years old and do not promote illegal activities on Bedpage.

1) Looking at posts is free on Bedpage.

2) You have to pay in order to make your post appear on this website. The minimum fee for one post is $2. If you would like to move your post to the top of all listings in your local area, you will need to pay $1 (extra amount) which makes your post appear at the top of all listings for 1 hour within 1 day.

3) A premium post appears in the premium section of bedpage.com – the fee is $15 for one city OR $7.50 per city if you want your post to appear in various cities.

4) A sponsored ad appears as highlighted text boxes on the website. The advertising fee may vary based on the city of your choosing. You can contact bedpage.com to get a quote from them.
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Frequently Asked Questions:

1) Is bedpage.com good?

It's not great, but it's good enough if you live in a city where there are lots of people – chances are you can find exactly what you are looking for on bedpage.com because you will see a large number of posts in your local area.

2) Is bedpage special?

Not really. In fact, bedpage.com wants to be the Backpage replacement, yet it can't replace Backpage because Bedpage doesn't have much substance, whereas Backpage was very useful. But unfortunately, Backpage has been shut down as it was too outrageous. Truthfully, Craigslist also had a personal ads' section where you can find escorts' ads. However, that section has disappeared now due to obvious reasons – these days many new policies do not allow such things on wildly popular websites anymore.

3) Why should I read Bedpage reviews?

Reading Bedpage.com reviews may give you some insights into how this new website works. Clearly, we've done the research for you already, so you don't have to do it by yourself. You can simply look at the pros and cons that have been listed in our review and then make a decision accordingly. Frankly, Bedpage isn't completely bad – it is still useful to some degree, although it's not as good as Backpage and Craigslist's personal ads section.

4) I run an escort agency and I need to post ads online. Is Bedpage worth it?

Well, if you own an escort agency, Bedpage is actually worth it because it is a high-traffic website which attracts a large number of single men looking for intimacy with women. As long as your escort agency offers good services, Bedpage.com can work for you & it's not really expensive.

5) I'm an independent escort. Do you have any advice for me?

Yes. First of all, you may consider posting ads on a wide variety of websites that are similar to Bedpage because you need to maximize your marketing efforts if you can. Having said that, please use legitimate websites only. Second, you would be well-advised to make friends with successful escorts who have already made it. In this way, you can share useful information with each other and support each other. :))

Quote: "Is Bedpage legitimate? Yes, it is definitely legitimate; nevertheless, it's not perfect."