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Flingster review: a video and text chat website for horny & sexy adults

As a text and video chat site for people who are above 18, Flingster is a popular place on the Internet. Can this site bring you an instate date? Let's find it out now. ;))


Value for money
Quality of users
Member satisfaction
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1) Meet other people quickly without a long verification and registration process. Therefore, if you are busy and can't stand answering complicated personality quizzes on mainstream dating sites and apps, this website is perfect for you. :))

2) Video chatting is really common here!

3) Even though you can switch on your camera, you may choose to remain anonymous because this website has a facemask feature! How cool is that?! The facemask feature was developed before COVID-19!

4) It's easy to set up a date with the person you are chatting with, because you can find out whether that's the right match or not by having a video chat with them online.

5) This site is open to everyone, no matter you are single or in a relationship. Actually, a lot of couples are on this site as well because they are very open-minded.

6) Only adults can join this site.

7) If you don't want to wear the virtual facemask, you can show your face and build a meaningful relationship with your chatmate.

8) Registration is totally free.

9) You can start to chat immediately after providing your email and gender, so it's really user-friendly.

10) There is a translation feature, so if you are chatting with someone from another country / culture, the site can still get the job done! That's wonderful!


1) There are many fake members because email verification is not required.

2) Social media accounts cannot be linked to your Flingster account, meaning this website does not verify their users' identity. (Note that if a dating site asks their members to link their Facebook accounts to their dating account, it means the dating site wants to encourage people to verify their identity because Facebook has already verified their users' identity and keeps eliminating fake accounts.)

3) It does not have a mobile app, but this website can be easily accessed on smartphones.
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1) Text chatting is ideal for shy individuals who don't want to switch on their cameras.

2) Audio chatting is available.

3) Video chatting is the most popular option on this site. Many members are either naked or wearing very revealing clothes during their video chats.

4) Filter location and gender.

AR face mask.

6) Automatic translation.

7) You can display a verified badge.

8) Available tags show your interest.

9) You cannot browse profiles. You can only see a dating profile when you are matched to another user.

10) Anonymity is key. You can only see a member's country and gender.

11) You may specify the type of relationship or topics that you like.

12) A premium membership allows you to chat with a chatmate that you like again.
1) 1-week subscription: US$6.99

2) 1-month subscription: US$19.99

6-month subscription: US$89.94

Note that Segpay (a 3rd-party collecting agent) is used to process credit card payments. If you have any questions about your billing or you would like to cancel the auto-renewal of your subscription, Segpay will handle those as well.

If you want to use fee-based features such as location filter, gender filter, i-chat verified badge, get connected, AR face filters and an ad-free experience, you'd better buy a subscription because it's not expensive.
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Frequently Asked Questions about Flingster:

1) What is Flingster?

Answer: It is a video and text chat website for adults all over the world, although its pricing is US dollars only.

2) Is Flingster good?

Answer: It's handy, but it's not perfect because there are many fake profiles.

3) Is Flingster safe?

Answer: It's fairly safe as you can wear a virtual mask to remain anonymous.

4) Why do I see many more men than women on this website?

Answer: Most dating sites have more men than women except sugar daddy dating sites. On this platform, 70% of their users are men; only 30% of their users are women. Reasons are complicated – First of all, it's harder for men to deal with loneliness, especially during the lockdown. Biologically, men need women more than women need men. I know this isn't fair, but it's true. Second, men's sexuality is very straightforward, whilst women's sexuality is more contextual. As a result, women can easily feel satisfied by doing other things such as watching romantic movies and seeing the beautiful sunset. But men have to be with women in order to feel satisfied. What's more, men are touch-starved, meaning they don't get enough touch: If they hug women, that's creepy; if they hug men, that's also creepy; if they hug children, that's even more creepy. In contrast, women get more touch in daily life – it's very common for women to give and receive hugs happily.
Quote: "Having a video chat online can eliminate the unbearable loneliness during the pandemic."