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Show me the best app for: Review: The Best Hookup Dating Website in the World is also known as Seeking Arrangement. It is the world's biggest sugar daddy dating site where attractive members meet generous members online and build mutually beneficial relationships offline. Recently, due to COVID-19, allows members to build online relationships as well.


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1) Sign up as a sugar daddy, a sugar momma, a male sugar baby or a female sugar baby.

2) If you use a university's email address to join, you will get a premium sugar baby account for free.

3) When you log in, you will see suitable candidates that are recommended to you.

4) You can search suitable members according to your criteria.

5) Every dating profile is manually checked by a staff member of this hookup dating site.

6) Generous members display their annual income and net worth on their dating profiles.

7) Add other users to your favorites' list.

8) See who has viewed your profile and who has liked you.

9) Chat with other members online.

10) A very supportive, professional and helpful customer service team.


1) This hookup dating website is all about promoting the sugar lifestyle. If you think you deserve finer things in life, you will learn a lot after joining this hookup site.

2) The quality of members is very high. Some generous members are celebrities.

3) Honesty is the best policy here – no one needs to play games anymore because everyone knows why you are on a sugar daddy dating site.

4) This hookup dating site has more than 20 million members worldwide. You can surely meet someone suitable here.

5) You may even find a long-term relationship on this hookup dating website – any type of relationship is possible on this platform.


1) If you are a sugar baby looking for a sugar daddy, the competition is increasingly stiff due to the pandemic.

2) You probably have to invest in professional dating advice / coaching if you seriously need a sugar daddy or a sugar momma because your competitors are equipped with the knowledge and skills in the sugar bowl.
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