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CityXGuide Review: Will You Have Fun Rapidly?

CityXGuide is a very comprehensive site where listings for escorts are provided. You can see classified ads on this website in a straightforward fashion. Surely, the platform is searchable according to location, yet what you can see are absolutely ads. :))


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1) It's very easy to use: Every ad takes you to a dating profile which allows you to see important details about the escort that you are interested in.

2) This escort site serves countless countries all over the world.

3) It's not just for escorts; you can find other things that are quite interesting as well: live sex cams, phone sex and arrangements with sugar babies. I understand that you probably only want to find an escort to relieve yourself; however, these extra features may be useful when you desire something different later on.

4) You do not need to create a profile or an account (you can simply browse profiles when you visit the site). Nevertheless, an escort who posts her ad on the site must have an account. ;))


1) Its algorithm isn't very advanced, so the matchmaking technology isn't the best in the industry.

2) Escorts on CityXGuide.com are not cheap.

3) You can only check out one escort at a time, as ads can merely be seen individually.
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1) There are many options for you to explore, e.g., sugar babies, live s*x cams, meet & f**k, phone s*x, and so forth.

2) CityXGuide.com is completely organized by location. All continents are covered.

3) Simply narrow your location and check out ads.

4) Each ad includes information such as payment options, accepted genders, contact details, and so on.
Frequently Asked Questions about CityXGuide.com:
1) What is CityXGuide?

Answer: It is an escort site. :))

2) Is CityXGuide safe?

Answer: First of all, ads on this escort site are real. You can view ads for erotic massages, escorts, and so forth. Of course, you still need to be careful when it comes to what kind of information you're giving away. Ideally, you shouldn't tell escorts your real name. Also, because this site does not ask for your personal details, it's quite safe. You would be well-advised to read their terms and conditions as well as privacy pages before you get started.

3) Is CityXGuide good?

Answer: As a handy ad listing website for escort services, CityXGuide.com is very convenient and user-friendly. It can surely get the job done. According to the number of ads that you can see on this website, it is clear that CityXGuide is certainly a wildly popular and successful escort site in the United States. Note that Backpage and Craigslist Personals are gone now, so CityXGuide is getting more traction nowadays.

4) Can I find an escort quickly on this site?

Answer: Yes, it's quite easy because escorts give their contact details to you on this site.

5) Will I have fun tonight?

Answer: Because ads on this escort site are very comprehensive and detailed, things are streamlined and very clear. Thus, you will certainly have fun tonight as long as you want to!
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A punter's story:

My name is Max. I'm 39 years old. As a single guy, I'm unapologetically unattached. Hence, I am entitled to use escort sites like CityXGuide.com where I can find satisfaction at any time. ;))

Because I work for a big company as a senior manager, I make a lot of money. Since I don't have children, I have lots of disposable income each month. As a result, I'm very happy to pay escorts who can make me happy. I pay them really well. And it depends on what we do together – if they give me blowjobs, the pay is even better! I love blowjobs so much. Sadly, many western women either do not want to offer blowjobs or cannot do it well, based on my experiences with ex-girlfriends in the past. Frankly, hiring escorts is much easier than getting a girlfriend because no-strings-attached situations are not stressful at all, whereas most relationships are fairly stressful in my opinion.

Life is all about having interesting experiences because every day is important – the average individual only has about 30,000 days in a lifetime. So, why not make the most of each day?

I've been using CityXGuide for more than one year now and I find this escort site a bit intoxicating because it's extremely convenient – results come really fast. All I need to do is to browse profiles and contact escorts, and they come to see me within in a few hours. I guess that's because I live in Los Angeles where there are a large number of escorts. Indeed, I can see that there are lots of ads from New York and L. A. on this escort website. So, I'm not sure whether you can find an escort quickly if you live in a small town in Maine.
Quote: "CityXGuide.com is an ideal platform for escorts and punters all over the world."