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FetLife Review: A Fetish Site for Exciting Love, Unique Intimacy & the Perfect Red Lipstick

FetLife is the ideal dating site for those who are looking to share and enjoy their fetishes with like-minded individuals in a community.


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Quality of Members
Member Satisfaction
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1) This community is probably the biggest fetish dating community in the world. With more than 10 million members, it is indeed a thriving community.

2) Many dating sites have a lot of inactive dating profiles, but FetLife is very different – its members are very active! Apparently, subcultures always win! :))

3) Its environment is fun and welcoming. Anything is possible. ;))

4) If you delete your profile, the website automatically deletes all your information within a week, so your old photos will not be found on the Internet.


1) Technically, it's not really a hookup or dating website because it's actually a community for people to meet and explore their fetishes together. In other words, it is not a traditional dating or hookup site.

2) Many useful features are not free. You have to become a premium member in order to access a lot of key features.

3) The design of this site is a bit old-fashioned as it was developed in 2008.
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1) FetLife was accessed by the killer of Yingying Zhang (i.e., Brendt Christensen) in April 2017 to study topics as well as sub-threads like 'perfect abduction fantasy', 'abduction 101' and 'planning a kidnapping'. Clearly, if these ideas are just sexual fantasies and fetishes, they are not dangerous because they are just in people's imagination. But if these ideas are real, they are problems.

2) Because FetLife has been cited in some criminal cases, this website has prohibited hundreds of fetish categories. Obviously, social responsibilities are important.


1) Signing up: Enter a nickname, select a gender (from 13 choices) / your sexual orientation (from 14 choices) / the role you play in bed (from 77 choices), e.g., dom and sub, top, bottom & switch, leather play and rope play. Add your location and your age. Decide on your email and your password.

2) You can follow some fellow kinksters if you like.

3) Ideally, you should upload a picture. (Many users' profile pictures are nude photos without showing their faces.)

4) Search for potential friends.

5) Find people on the Explore section.

6) Find people via certain groups.

7) Places near you;

8) Texts, videos and photos;

9) A list of fetishes;

10) Kinksters near you;

11) Sexuality, gender and "types";

12) Shared interests, fetishes and kinks groups;

13) Online and offline events;

14) Friend, follow and / or message;

Messages as well as message requests.
FetLife's Pricing:
1) Because FetLife isn't a dating website per se, it doesn't operate like a dating site that has a standard payment model. You are able to exchange messages for free. However, if you'd like to access extra content such as videos on the Explore section and very popular posts, you'll have to pay $5 each month. If you are a financial supporter of the site, you will receive an 'I support FetLife' badge on your profile.

2) Payment options: a 6-month membership ($30), a 12-month membership ($60), a 24-month membership ($120) and a lifetime membership ($240).

3) Payment methods include credit card, e-transfer, etc.
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Users' comments:

"This website is fantastic, although its design is fairly old-school. I can be my true self here. It is a platform for people to discuss their sexual feelings honestly, which is very healthy, so we don't need to hide our truth." (Allen M., 31, New York)

"FetLife doesn't have a swiping feature or a matching algorithm. Therefore, I can't send a wink or a flirtatious nudge on this site. Basically, it is an internet community where like-minded people congregate, and any hooking up or dating is a result of joining the online community." (Peter V., 34, San Francisco)

"The right way to approach this community is to join the discussions and meet people who share similar interests online. Then if relationships are built on the Internet, you may meet some individuals offline for further enjoyment together." (Vivien O., 28, Toronto)

Frequently Asked Questions about FetLife.com:

1) What is FetLife?

Answer: Strictly speaking, it's a social networking site rather than a regular dating site. It serves individuals who are interested in fetishism, kink and BDSM. That is to say, this site is a bit like Facebook, yet it is run by kinksters rather than Mark Zuckerberg. FetLife wants to be a social network instead of a standard dating website because it is keen to distinguish itself from its competitors on the market.

2) Is FetLife good?

Answer: It's really good because there are many intelligent and insightful members who post their writings such as erotica, notes and journal entries. Members also post their videos and photos.

3) Is FetLife safe?

Answer: Please read their terms of use before joining the site. Also, members should report terms of use violations and illegal content to the admin team. Thus, it's quite safe.
Quote: "Many couples join FetLife.com in order to make their fetishes even more enjoyable. This is a great way to strengthen their love, improve their intimacy and make the most of the perfect red lipstick."