Hookup Dating (HUD) app review: Why is this hookup app so effective?

Hookup Dating (HUD) is an app which was created for ladies and gentlemen who are looking to meet on the Internet and hook up immediately. If you urgently need to get laid and release the tension in your body, this is certainly the right app for you.


  • Hookup-friendly chat.
  • Female-friendly chat.
  • Send and receive messages.
  • Send and receive photos.
  • Photo protection and privacy protection.
  • You can conduct an advanced search.
  • No more swiping left or right. Just send messages to whoever you are attracted to! Isn't this revolutionary?!
  • View other users' sexual personality. (Ha! It turns out that your personality is different from your sexual personality.)
  • View other users' sexual orientation. (Yes, no matter you are straight, gay, bisexual, lesbian, pansexual or even asexual, this HUD hookup app is right for you.)
  • View other users' drug preference. (I like how straightforward this app is!)
  • Different languages can be displayed on this casual hookup app. Very cool!
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  • 1-month subscription: $29.99
  • Bronze membership: $19.99
  • Photo access: $5.99
  • Profile boost for one day: $6.99
  • Gold membership: $84.99
  • 3-month premium subscription: $49.99
  • 3-day profile boost / promotion: $12.99
  • Silver membership: $54.99
  • 1-year premium subscription: $119.99
  • 6-month premium subscription: $69.99

Note that prices are subject to change any time. These prices are correct as I'm typing this review today. But when you join HUD hookup app, you have to double check the current pricing.


  • This casual hookup app has a large number of women, which isn't very common in the online hookup industry.
  • HUD hookup app is so user-friendly. It saves you a lot of time because you don't need to swipe left or right anymore. You can directly send messages to whoever you like.
  • It's an LGBT-friendly and female-friendly hookup dating app.
  • Premium members who have bought subscription packages can access and enjoy a lot of advanced features that are really useful and helpful.


  • Yes, there are some hidden fees, but this is a hookup dating service; it's not a charity. No one has the obligation to look after your love life.
  • It's not cheap. Industry experts claim that HUD hookup app is more expensive than its competitors, possibly because HUD spends more money on marketing (finding female members isn't that easy in today's day and age when the elite / Establishment are looking to further separate men from women).
  • Although this hookup dating app has a lot of women, there are still more men than women in this community, which is very normal and understandable, because nowadays men are not allowed to approach women in real life anymore – what can men do? Well, most men can only try to meet women on the Internet. Furthermore, due to the current Family Law in most western countries, men's interests are not protected by the law. Meanwhile, the divorce rate is getting higher and higher in almost every western country. As a consequence, men fear commitment and don't want to get married easily. Thus, men are looking for casual hookups online these days.

Users' comments:

"HUD hookup app is one of the best hookup dating services that I've ever used in my life. Trust me – I've used more than 10 hookup apps already and HUD is indeed one of the best on the market. I've hooked up with 24 women so far – I met most of them via HUD ;-)" (Mark Q., 36, architect, Virginia)

"I just joined HUD last week and I'm still waiting for results. Don't get me wrong. I'm not a waiter; actually, I'm a creator – I've sent many messages to women on this app, but I need them to respond to my messages. Perhaps I need to hire a professional photographer to take my photo because my current profile picture isn't ideal. By the way, if you see me on the app, please say hi!" (Shane B., 26, entrepreneur, Illinois)

"I live in the poorest city in America, so a lot of people are unemployed and bored. Since most people in this city can't afford to get married anyway, we choose to hook up with each other online. Hence, HUD hookup app is really handy and convenient. I am in love with this app, but I'm not in love with people that I've hooked up with – those are just casual sexual encounters rather than serious relationships. I am not ready for a commitment yet. I think in the future, I will be ready when I get older." (Samuel R., 21, freelance video editor, Alabama)

"I'm a woman and I believe in casual hookups rather than marriages & here's why: in a marriage, there are a lot of responsibilities that I don't enjoy. In my opinion, a marriage brings more liabilities than benefits. Nowadays we can get all the benefits of a marriage without getting married. In my grandparents' generation, a woman must get married because women were housewives and couldn't find decent jobs to support themselves. But in this day and age, women can find good jobs and don't need providers anymore. That's why nowadays women are supporting men financially, whereas men are not supporting women biologically if we get married. So, I don't want to get married at all. I just want to have some fun with interesting men without any stress. I have my own career because I run a successful business on my terms. I also expect to have a love life on my terms, which is fair enough. I think I'm the real-life version of Samantha Jones." (Candy G., 32, CEO, Minnesota)

"As a woman on HUD hookup app, I can explain why women want to use this service: Have you noticed that more and more people are very lonely these days? Yes, due to the popularity of social media, everyone is staring at their phone or computer at home / in the office without actually interacting with other people. Those superficial relationships are so boring and meaningless. As a result, it's hard to find like-minded friends and business contacts in today's day and age, which is very, very sad. But a hookup dating app is an amazing platform for women to meet the right men for stress-free s*x and professional development. Please let me explain – maintaining a long-term relationship is hard work. Because I'm financially independent and successful, I don't want to be with a guy who needs me to look after him – I don't want to be taken advantage of. Also, I'm not really a fan of traditional marriage anyway and I definitely don't want to have kids because I dislike any type of maintenance. That's just my honest opinion. Having a male friend via HUD hookup app is just like having a boyfriend minus the stress. Apart from that, men on hookup dating apps are already reasonably successful because bottom-feeders wouldn't have the resources to enjoy a dating service like HUD. That means HUD has filtered men for me already – I can easily find exactly what I'm looking for on this platform. So, a lot of men that I've hooked up with have become very valuable business contacts – they have introduced new businesses to me and added great value to my career. I'm eternally grateful! As I see it, men are very good creatures because men actually value friendships and genuine connections. Most of my business partners are men. All of my most important business partners are men because we still live in a patriarchy where men control the majority of resources." (Connie F., 34, business owner and founder, Tennessee)

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Experts' comments:

"HUD hookup app is legit!" (Jade Seashell, dating coach and marriage counsellor)

"Me and my team have recommended HUD to our community repeatedly because it actually works!" (Curt Coch, Founder and CEO of iDateAdvice)

"HUD is the real deal." (Michael B. Wilson, director of DatingAppsAdvice.com, the Internet's leading review blog about all dating apps)

"It seems that HUD is really LGBT-friendly because some of my bisexual friends have tried this hookup dating app and they told me it's pretty good. But I don't know whether gay men and lesbian women can find any value on HUD." (Andy K., operation manager of FindleApp.com)

"I like HUD. It works like a dream come true." (Don Y., co-founder of Beauties-of-Ukraine.com)

"HUD is an established hookup dating service that has helped men and women to hook up and reduce the amount of stress in life." (Elizabeth O., manger and co-founder of HookupApps.Dating)

"HUD is a reasonably good dating app." (Alex Sergent, CEO of BARE dating)


Value for money
Members' quality

Verdict / Executive summary:

With a large number of men and women looking for casual sexual encounters, HUD hookup app is a legitimate dating service. Perhaps it's one of the top players in the online dating industry in the second decade of this century.

Quote: "Dating becomes less stressful because of HUD."