Together2night dating site review: Is this hookup dating website for real?

This is one of the most popular hookup dating sites in the world – Together2night is indeed very interesting – it's all about quick hookups tonight! No one needs to run game or play games anymore.


  • Together2night is a safe and legitimate hookup dating app / site; it is not a scam site.
  • According to an automated analysis of more than forty different information sources that we have checked on the Internet (e.g. the address of the company, web server, the technology used, etc.), Together2night has received positive trust score.
  • Although Together2night is based in the United States, 56% of its traffic comes from Germany; 25% of its traffic comes from the United States; 19% of its traffic comes from Canada.
  • Theoretically, you can only hook up with singles; you can't hook up with married people on Together2night.
  • You are supposed to hook up with someone in your local area, so international hookups are probably quite unlikely to happen on this hookup dating app / site.
  • Together2night has been on the market for five years.
  • Its website speed is very fast.
  • Its server's IP is
  • Its ISP is Digital Ocean.
  • Its location is Clifton, New Jersey, the United States.
  • Its zip code is 07014.
  • Its register is Key-Systems GmbH.
  • Other sites on the same server include,,,, and
  • Its server's location is Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


  • All sexual orientations are acceptable on this hookup dating site: You can choose one of these options – 1) I'm a man looking for a woman; 2) I'm a woman looking for a man; 3) I'm a man looking for a man; 4) I'm a woman looking for a woman.
  • By joining Together2night hookup site, you agree with their privacy policy and terms of use; you will receive account updates, newsletters and offers sent by ;-)
  • Registration is free.
  • Search by location.
  • Very crowded chat rooms. You can select a chat room depending on your current mood or preferences and flirt free with local singles there.
  • This hookup dating website has a large number of women!
  • It has many popular sections: meet singles, women seeking women, Asian dating, single moms hookup, one night stand dating, hookup tonight, married dating, discreet dating, sugar momma dating, cuckold chat, backdoor dating, single women, men seeking men, online hookup, sexy chat, couple seeking women, casual encounter, bisexual hookup, naughty hookup, swinger dating, mistress chat, chat rooms, British dating, Latino dating, lonely housewife dating, couples hookup, hookup personals, hookup chat, adult dating, erotic dating and spanking dating. Therefore, you will surely find exactly what you are looking for here.
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  • Together2night has a simple and stream-lined design; it's very straightforward and user-friendly.
  • It has a safe dating page which teaches members how to date safely (15 great date tips).
  • Because there are many categories on this hookup dating app / site, people in the same category don't need to explain themselves.
  • This hookup dating website has many useful features that members absolutely enjoy.


  • Although Together2night claims that people should join this site to meet other singles, in reality, there are many married people on this hookup dating site as well. For example, you can see couples looking for singles for a threesome lifestyle, married people looking for extramarital affairs and lonely housewives looking for casual hookups during the day time.
  • It seems that some members can't find the delete button when they want to delete their profiles. So, perhaps Together2night isn't the most user-friendly hookup dating app / site on the market.

Users' comments:

"I'm a typical lonely housewife. My husband is a high achiever who works very hard every day, so he rarely spends quality time with me at home. Now I'm pregnant, which makes me very horny. But my husband says having intercourse during pregnancy is bad for the baby, although the doctor says it's okay to have sexual intercourse during the second trimester of the pregnancy. That's why I have to find casual hookups on Together2night hookup site; otherwise, my horniness is killing me and the baby. Thanks to Together2night, I'm able to hook up with sexy men during the day time (not at night, because my husband comes home at night). Now I feel very balanced because after releasing the tension in the body, me and my baby are very peaceful and calm." (Vicky D., 35, Portland, Maine)

"Because of the comprehensive features on this casual hookup site, Together2night has attracted many women, which is not very common among casual hookup apps / sites because most casual dating websites / apps have many more men than women – the society has brainwashed women so now women believe that they should find serious relationships; otherwise, other people will judge them and men won't respect them. Luckily, Together2night hookup website is different – it has so many beautiful women who are ready to hook up with men just like me." (Travis D., 27, San Diego, California)

"I dated a p*rn star whom I met via Together2night. She really knows how to receive a Johnson. I think she is great! I love the way she was moaning when I was penetrating her honeypot. That turns me on tremendously. I can ejaculate while listening to her sexy voice. Now I'm married, so I don't hook up with her anymore – I only receive emails from her with her voice recordings attached to each email: She reads a chapter of an erotic story and sends the voice recording to me via email – what a sweet girl!" (Tom E., 32, New York City, New York)

"As a real man, I'm validated by s*x. I know women are validated by attention, so I always give women a lot of attention when I'm dating them. That's why I'm very successful on Together2night – I'm a loyal member & I've been on this casual hookup app / website for four years already. It works perfectly for me. I guess it's because I'm a good-looking guy?" (Michael C., 33, San Francisco, California)

"I'm a 35-year-old woman and my libido is getting higher and higher. They say women in their 30s are hornier & I think that's absolutely true. I guess I'll be even hornier in my 40s. Frankly, I didn't enjoy s*x very much when I was in my 20s, but I'm very interested in it right now! Because of Together2night hookup site, I don't need to masturbate every night anymore. Hooking up with hot men is handy here!" (Liv, 35, Fort Lauderdale, Florida)
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Experts' comments:

"Together2night is a reasonably good hookup dating site, but I don't know whether it has an app or not." (Jade Seashell, dating advisor and relationship counsellor)

"Together2night not only provides a safe hookup dating platform, but also gives solid dating advice on its website." (Michael B. Wilson, director and CEO of

"I think Together2night is pretty good. All of my naughty friends have recommended this site." (Curt Coch, CEO and Founder of

"I know some of my gay friends used Together2night before, and they didn't have anything to complain about ;-)" (Andy K., spokesperson of

"Many lesbian women have joined Together2night which has half a million members in the United States." (Emily P., co-founder of Lesly)

"What a wonderful hookup dating site!" (Don Y., co-founder of

"It's legit! If I were single, I would definitely become a long-term member!" (Elizabeth O., co-founder of HookupApps.Dating)

"Highly recommended!" (Alex Sergent, co-founder and CEO of BARE dating, the first sexting app on the market)


Value for money
Members' quality

Executive Summary / Verdict:

Together2night is a reliable hookup dating site, although it doesn't have the best reputation in the world (it's hard for people to praise a casual hookup site which encourages daters to find one-night stands, lonely housewives, sugar mommas and swingers). But if you are not the most judgmental person in the world, you may want to meet some of the most open-minded individuals out there – they are already on Together2night hookup site. Note that this isn't a sales pitch because I don't care whether you join Together2night or not – I'm just saying what I know about this casual dating platform. At the end of the day, you will decide what you should do with the information that I've provided in this review ;-) Good luck and happy hooking up with someone hot!

Quote: "You can turn your profile into a magnet by uploading a fantastic profile photo – this is so key on Together2night because you have to manage the first impression. It is said that in superficial relationships, the first impression is also the last impression – do you agree? Anyway, no matter what, you should always trust your gut feeling and behave cautiously. Also, don't forget to meet someone in a safe place such as a public library, a café or a restaurant if this is the first date!"