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What is MegaPersonals

MegaPersonals is one of the major escort and hookup in the world with users working or browsing from 3 continents and several dozen countries.

The website uses a classic structure for an escort service. Basically, what you do once you've come here is that you specify what city you're currently in, what gender and orientation you want your providers to be. After that, it's a simple matter of going through the recent ads left by the workers.

Alternatively, you can act as a worker and treat the website as your primary workplace. That's one of the main purposes of the website, actually.

How does MegaPersonals work?

MegaPersonals uses an established layout. The ads (or applications) you'll see are all left by the real living people who either want money for the services they'll describe in these very ads or for a simple hookup. The latter type is rare, however, because you usually use Tinder and other similar services for it.
So, as you see, this website is meant for serious business, and you should treat it as one. Be ready to pay up for the services you're given, although it's also advisable to be careful and mind what you're doing with your personal information.

Account creation

MegaPersonals is very similar to the other big escort services, which is rather user-friendly. However, it's also different in many small things. For instance, to start using the website, you don't need to create an account (given, of course, that you aren't an escort provider).

It fits, because it's more of an ads catalogue than a proper social network, like other hookup services like to pretend. It has its upsides and downsides, although the drawbacks aren't that harsh. Here's a general summary:

+ You can place an ad or start browsing instantly

+ You don't need to submit your personal information if you're a simple browser

+ Any sort of paid subscription or other fees are instantly impossible

+ It doesn't impair your ability to use the website, so it's not even necessary

It's a one less layer of security

The last point is particularly worrying, because it's not uncommon for escort services to house scammers. However, in this instance, the scammers can only be amongst the browsers, and not the workers, because only the latter need to set up an account to place an ad.
All the information a browser would need is usually in open access, including even the means of contacting a provider. In fact, the website doesn't need any special features that allow people to message the providers on the spot. The workers need to specify their contact information – mostly phone numbers – in the profile description.

It may sound harsh for the workers, because there's no telling what sort of people are going to visit the website and try to call the people who left the ads there. However, it's not really a pressing issue.

Although scamming is generally a versatile occupation, there are very little of these people on the receiving end of the services – mostly because they don't have any sort of leverage to scam people with. They can surely arrange a meeting and scam a worker then, but it's usually easy to figure out the true intentions on the phone, and this sort of scamming is often time-consuming and tiring.

The only other worry you might have regarding this system is that people will call you just to mess with you. But this sort of childish behavior is very scarce on platforms that supply escort services. It just doesn't attract the right userbase for it.

The advantage of having this system in place, however, is that you generally get more potential customers in your area. The new users can see your applications immediately and they don't get hindered by the website at al. The only genuine issue is that the website can't keep track on people who call you. If you are not comfortable with it, it may not be the best place to seek job.

MegaPersonals is very liberal regarding many aspects of providing or receiving services. They have a very limited role in this whole affair, and they don't dictate you what to do.

Ads and account management

As an escort provider, you will need to create an account with MegaPersonals, but you'll need to do more than that.

After creating an account, you'll be able to place and modify the ads. These ads will appear to anyone who go beyond picking the city and gender qualifications, and they'll be set on a timed feed. It means that you'll be able to see when the ad has been placed precisely, down to a minute.

So, it's not an active profile that gets to stay on the list forever. Like in more casual freelance workplaces, like Fiverr, you'll primarily see the ads. The people who leave these ads do have accounts – a usual browser will simply not be able to examine the information about them. All the necessary information will have to go to the ad.
So, you can build and edit the ads yourself. It's a simple mechanism. To be correctly displayed in the list you want to be displayed in, you'll need to specify the main two things:

  1. The location where you operate
    1. country/continent
    2. location (province or state)
    3. city
  2. The service you provide
    1. man for man
    2. woman for woman
    3. man for woman
    4. woman for man
    5. transgender (all sorts)
These are the two basic criteria. After listing them out, you get to actually start drafting the contents of your ad. And there is a lot more depth and freedom to it this time. On this stage, you can leave more details to let people know where to find you, to whom you provide services, and so forth.

To understand more about it, let's first imagine how it looks for a browser.

Browsing through MegaPersonals

Once on website, you can simply pick a city, a type of service (one of the 5 listed above) and that's when you'll be given a list of fresh ads that meet this criteria. There are no other sorting mechanisms besides just that, although you can change the way they are presented by switching between 'list' and 'pics.

The former will show you a smaller main picture from an ad (you can put several there and pick one as a primary). Beside the picture, there'll be a headline (anything goes here), an age in an orange-outlined square, as well as a main description.

Like the headline, anything goes inside a description – that's the place where you can put your credentials, payment methods, or literally anything. Most providers simply list what they want from a partner/client and mention a few things about themselves to let people know what kind of person they are.
The description is limited by the amount of symbols you can put in, although you still get to type a lot if you want to. Just know that only the first 3 or 4 lines will be visible on the outside.

If you click on the ad for more details, you'll see this structure:

a) A headline in full

b) 'I see:'

c) Description in full

d) Contact number

e) Location/city/name

f) Photos

There is also a 'report post' button in the very bottom of the page. You want have to create an account to share a complaint, but you will need to submit your e-mail so that the service could tell you whether it succeeded or not. You can describe the details of the issue as well as pick what sort of the problem you encountered: fake ad, photo abuse, etc.

You'll want to report an issue if the person is trying to cheat or scam you. If you can prove it, the ad may end up deleted and the author's account may be suspended. For this reason, it's advisable to contact the providers via text, because you'll be able to submit the picture if the follow-up investigation will occur.

It's also very welcome if you report any strictly illegal activity, such as illegal prostitution or even child abuse. The staff will be happy to block and report the users who participate in such actions.

Where is the website available?

The website is blocked or limited in some countries for not being up to a legal code. In countries like Iran or China, accessing the website is generally near impossible. However, it also can be restricted in some parts of the Balkans, France and Ireland, for instance.

In most countries, the service works fine. But then again, it's not available everywhere equally because of the website's own concerns, either. As a result, the website isn't equally popular on all continents, much less in various countries.
The bulk of the users come from Canada and USA, where the choice of the cities dwarfs all the other countries and locations. For each American state, you'll be able to find at least a couple of cities, which is fortunate if you live near or in them. If you live in a smaller town, then you won't have as many options.

Europe is a runner-up, although there are only 6 countries where these services are provided:

1. United Kingdom;

2. Spain;

3. France;

4. Italy;

5. Romania;

6. Germany

Germans is a particularly closer runner-up, with all the cities represented in the list. It's worth mentioning that the list and the categories in general are not set in stone. Perhaps a month after this review is finished, there'll be new countries and cities available. So, don't despair if your country is not represented – go check it out.

It's not the service that dictates what countries and cities do or do not get a place in the list – it's the users, for the most part. If a big wave of new ads will arrive from, say, Hungary, then the country will surely be added to the collection.

Oceania is the least popular location, although it still houses several dozen cities from Australia and New Zealand.

How is it compared to the other services?

In terms of sheer variety, MegaPersonals may be scarcer than some massive services, such as Craigslist. Not all countries get featured here, but it's generally because there aren't as many users from these countries and cities.

Don't worry, however: there are still lots of users coming daily. There have been 4 million unique in the past half-a-year, and new ads get added massively on a daily basis. You don't need to be drowning in them, and even if there would be ten times fewer ads, you'll still get a few worthy contenders throughout the day.
In terms of openness, MP might be amongst the better options. The fact that you don't need to set up an account or verify yourself as a browser means you can come, find a few worthy options in just a minute, contact them and arrange a meeting.

The workers, however, need to register and get verified. Still, you need to be careful around the people. Even though the staff is doing its best catching fake ads, it can't shield you from all the dangers of the Internet. You really need to figure this bit out by yourself. There aren't a lot of scammers, but you will certainly meet one on some occasion, and it's not a website's fault.

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