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Show me the best app for: Review: find an affair on a hookup dating site is probably the best hookup dating site on the market, in my opinion. Unlike other websites that use robots to keep men interested, has many genuine women who are eager to hook up with men for casual encounters only.


Quality of users
Member satisfaction
Value for money
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1) Sign up with your email address.

2) A matching system which shows users matches according to their preferences.

3) Discover other users by conducting a search.

4) Communication options: hot list, send flirt/messages.

5) Favorite pictures and videos to indicate your interest.

6) Private network keeps all your activities totally discreet!

7) Profile visibility: you can turn your dating profile on or off.

8) A big video database is exclusive to users. You can search videos by highest quality, more recent and hottest. You can also upload your own videos and broadcast live videos if you like.


1) Real women are looking for casual encounters on this hookup dating site.

2) An in-house technical officer monitors & ensures the security and safety of its users.

3) You can find an affair easily here.


1) doesn't conduct criminal background checks of their users.

2) Some people only want to have cyber encounters rather than real encounters. (Perhaps this is a pro?)
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Experts' comments:

"Most people on this hookup dating site are looking for affairs. That's why has a lot of real women who are unhappily married." (Jade Seashell)

"Most of its users are in the United States." (Curt Coch)

"This hookup site's matching feature is very powerful and accurate." (Serghei)

A user's story:

Before giving Joe another kiss, I've established a sexually charged rhythm that leads to something sexier.

On Saturday morning, I go to Joe's place for breakfast because… he is handsome and he can cook!

"Though we talked on the telephone 20 minutes ago, I was starting to miss you after we finished the very sweet conversation." Joe gives me a gentle and warm hug.

Lightly, I massage his temples & gaze into his sexy eyes with very naughty thoughts on my mind. Now Joe looks even hotter.

Actually, Joe has nothing in the fridge because he came back from Germany yesterday evening.

I pull up a chair in his kitchen & say, "Joe, sit down."

Joe perfectly follows my instruction.

Now I would like to surprise Joe with the best blow job on the planet.

He is amazing…. he can have an erection at any time. I'm glad that I used that hookup dating site.

I use my index finger and thumb to create a 'ring'. At the same time, my other fingers mirror the shape of the index finger & wrap around his willy in order to create a 'tunnel'.

Then I 'seal' the 'ring' to my red lips (just like a tube to my mouth). Now the length of the area with which I give him pleasure is generously extended.

My mouth and the 'ring' are doing a continuous up-and-down motion on Joe's willy.

And my mouth & the 'ring' are doing a slow twisting motion.
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At the same time, my flexible tongue keeps a back-and-forth, hot stroke across the head of his willy – this certainly gives Joe the ideal combination of heat, pressure and moisture.

When my left hand is 'sealed' to my mouth, the very smooth knuckle area of my right hand is doing a circular motion on Joe's testicles.

The chair is moving…. And I can hear that….

It's a glorious activity before breakfast.

I usually have fun with my private skills before having intercourse with a guy. In other words, I only want to have PIV s*x with a man after the hand maneuver and the blow job.


Joe and I wake up on a Friday morning, and he begins to talk – the gentleness of his voice is unbelievably sexy.

"Let's not talk," I hold my finger near his soft lips.

Joe complies perfectly again.

I begin to give Joe a non-touch massage: I put my soft hands near his skin & massage his body hair gradually and slowly; however, I don't touch his skin. My hands go through the body hair on his strong arms, chest, legs, thighs. Joe is not allowed to talk at all.

Joe doesn't expect this unpredictable experience; the atmosphere in the room is absolutely wild. I'm grateful to that hookup dating website.

15 minutes later, I notice his willy is half-erect, so I ask him, "Now how do you feel?"

Because he isn't allowed to talk, he groans without a real answer. As I hear that response, I only want to invite Joe to enter me RIGHT NOW.

When my hands go through the body hair on Joe's inner thighs, I see his VERY erect willy. Then I slow down a bit to make the intense pleasure last even longer.

Joe cannot resist this any longer.
Quote: "So, he grabs me. Every thrust is totally fierce (just like we don't have a next moment or there is no tomorrow.)"