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Show me the best app for: Review: niche fetishes and alternative fantasies gives its members things that they surely won't find on mainstream dating websites. ;)) No wonder this hookup dating site is so popular!


Quality of users
Member satisfaction
Value for money
Overall quality


1) Very active members.

2) A big database.

3) There is a free membership option.

4) It's literally a network for individuals who are interested in alternative relationships.


1) This hookup dating site's interface isn't very elegant.

2) There are too many profile questions.

3) There are some fake dating profiles. You must avoid those.
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1) Read blogs/magazine articles.

2) View member profiles.

3) Chatrooms.

4) Sexy video streams.

5) Instant messages.

6) Censorship: 'rape' is banned.

7) You can block annoying members.

8) When somebody has read your message, you'll be notified.

9) Use the Member Center Filter to reject messages from those who don't meet your standards.

10) Use flirtation flowers to win more points/merchandise from this hookup dating site.

11) Create a hotlist of users you like.

12) Cupid report: see who you're matched with.

13) New member matches.

14) See who's viewing me.

15) Broadcast live videos.

16) Friend network.

17) You can send videos and voice messages.

18) 24/7 customer support service.
1) Free membership

2) 1-month silver membership: $19.95

3) 1-month gold membership: $29.95

4) 3-month silver membership: $11.99 per month

5) 3-month gold membership: $19.99 per month

6) 12-month silver membership: $8.95 per month

7) 12-month gold membership: $13.43 per month
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A user's comment on this hookup dating site:

Many men don't like using condoms & here's why: when a man is having sexual intercourse with a woman, it is the moisture, the pressure and the temperature inside her honeypot that truly excite and stimulate him. When a guy is wearing a condom, the moisture, the pressure and the temperature around his willy has changed, even though his willy is inside a woman's honeypot.

A guy once said, "I don't like using condoms. Having s*x while wearing a condom is just like eating a salad AND the plastic bag!"

Consequently, many women are on the pill. But sadly, recent research shows that the pill can change how women perceive men:

When a woman is on the pill, she is more likely to prefer a guy who is intelligent and capable – someone who has the financial resources to support her and her kids in future.

When a woman is not on the pill, she is more likely to prefer a guy who looks handsome and attractive – someone who has the best DNA that can make her future kids healthy.

It is reported that when a woman stops taking the pill, she is quite likely to get divorced because the way she looks at her husband may change. The pill was invented only several decades ago – that possibly explains why the divorce rate is getting higher and higher recently. Based on a survey of more than 2,000 heterosexual couples, it's clear that women initiated 75% of all divorces.

If you have just started a new fling via a hookup dating site and you don't want to use the pill, chances are your lover has to use condoms. Now you can send this text message to him: "Every time when you reach for the drawer to get a condom, it's a huge turn-on for me because it reminds me I'm about to dominate you." (or you can say "…to be dominated by you" – it depends on the dynamics in your relationship ;)))

Please note that men want to turn on their women, so when he realizes that getting a condom is a huge turn-on for you, he will want to do that even more. :))

Alternatively, you can send this message to him: "Next time you have to teach me how to put the condom on like the way you did it – oh, the way you put it on was so sexy. I really want to do that for you sometimes as it will certainly turn me on tremendously."

How can he resist that?!

A pro tip:

Let's say you sent that message to him on Monday and when you sleep with him on Wednesday, he will teach you how to put on the condom for him. Then on Friday, you send him this text message: "Wow. Wednesday night was great. You know what, last night I had a dream about you. In that dream, I put on the condom in a different way & I'll show you how to do it tonight."

I'm pretty sure he will keep thinking about that text message all day and can't wait to see you on Friday night.
Quote: "When you are about to have s*x with him on Friday night, this is how you put on the condom for him – you tear the packaging with your teeth and hold the condom in your mouth with the teat facing inwards, and then you put your mouth at the head of his willy & roll the condom down his shaft with your lips. Enjoy his reaction ;))"