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RubMaps Review: Chicken Soup for Your Body

Many medical professionals claim that massage is very important because it has so many benefits – a massage can lower your stress, improve your mood and strengthen your immune system. Therefore, I'd like to introduce RubMaps (an erotic massage site) to you.


Value for Money
Quality of Members
Member Satisfaction
Overall Quality


1) You can search the database according to the location such as nearby cities.

2) You can search the database by US states.

3) There is a forum for like-minded people on the site.

4) There is a list of slangs for newbies to learn key terms.

5) There is a blog for you to check out useful information.

6) You can meet escorts quickly.

7) There is a section called "escort reviews" on RubMaps.

8) You can switch on "advanced search" if you like.

9) View a list of erotic massage parlors reviews (as well as happy endings): latest reviews around you, massage parlors near you, newest reviews in the United States and newest massage parlors in the United States.

10) You can switch on "safe browsing".


1) Regular trips to massage parlors are expensive.

2) You aren't special because massage parlors' workers work for countless men like you.
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1) See the location of each massage parlor.

2) See the provider's name.

3) See the massage parlor's price.

4) See the provider's rating.

5) See the distance from you.
The truth about RubMaps:
RubMaps is where fantasy meets reality. You can have happy endings if you like. A happy ending is the ejaculation that you want at the end of a sensual massage. And this can be achieved if you visit an erotic massage website like RubMaps! ;))

Although every massage parlor that is listed on this website offers erotic massage with happy endings, you still need to clearly ask each woman that you meet in the massage parlor because you don't want to have legal issues later on. Ideally, you'd better call the massage parlor before you visit them and ask them whether they offer erotic massage as well as happy endings on the phone. If the answer is yes, you can go to see them.
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Why do you see "Asian massage" frequently?

Have you noticed that "Asian massage" is almost everywhere? I've seen Asian massage parlors in most cities in North America and Australia. I guess the reasons include the following key factors:

1) There are many Asian women who believe that it's perfectly okay to make men happy by giving men sensual massages. In Asian culture, it is a woman's job to satisfy men physically.

2) In Asia, sensual massage is offered everywhere – it's literally a part of their culture and it is very normal. For example, if you are a woman looking for a massage in Asia, nine times out of ten your massage therapist is a guy – the massage parlor would assume that you expect a man to give you a massage. There is nothing wrong with that in the Asian culture. But this is unbelievable in most western countries. For example, if a western woman goes to a spa in a western country because she needs a massage, chances are a female massage therapist will give her a massage.

A lot of Asian women who work in western countries become massage therapists because their English isn't very good.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1) What should I do if I actually want to give her a massage?

Answer: That's totally understandable. If you want to touch her, you should make sure that she is actually an escort working in a massage parlor. As long as she is an escort, she will allow you to touch her and give her a sensual massage.

2) Is RubMaps good?

Answer: It's a high-quality sensual massage website. The design is good; the information is comprehensive.

3) Is RubMaps safe?

Answer: Yes, it's safe as long as you know how to protect yourself, e.g., you'd better make sure that the massage parlor actually provides what you are looking for before you visit them, so you can call them and clarify things beforehand.

4) What is the happy ending like?

Answer: Different people have different expectations. Some men want blowjobs, whereas other men want intercourse. So, you would be well-advised to talk to the massage therapist in advance, and then you will find out what kind of happy ending you can have in the end.
Quote: "If you are looking for a hand job, RubMaps is the perfect website for you to visit because you can read reviews about massage parlors nearby."