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USASexGuide Review: Is this the best adult dating site?

USASexGuide is the ultimate adult dating site for people to find hookups or hire escorts. :))


Value for Money
Quality of Members
Member Satisfaction
Overall Quality


1) It only takes a few minutes to finalize the registration process.

2) There are more than 500,000 members who are very active in the community.

3) If you are a newbie, you can go to the FAQ page and find some tips.

4) Users are rated.

5) You can read reliable reviews, so you won't get lost.


1) You need to create an account in order to use the site properly.

2) Its interface isn't very straightforward.

3) It's only available in the United States, so if you are from another country, you can't use this site.
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1) Registration is totally free.

2) There are so many providers for you to choose.

3) There are more women than men on this website!

4) Technically, you don't need to create an account in order to visit USASexGuide and its forum, but if you want to see a member's photos, post something and chat with other people, you have to be a registered member.

5) If you'd like to delete your account, please contact their customer support team so that they will deactivate your account for you.

6) There are four kinds of membership: A) Unverified members who can't access the most useful features of the website; B) standard members who can use all features on the site; C) senior members who have created at least 25 posts and have been an active member for more than half a year – these members are able to enjoy extra features; D) unmoderated members who have been on the site for more than one year and compiled some posts based on the T's & C's of the website – their posts don't go through USASexGuide's moderation process.

7) Create posts and upload reports.

8) Recommend new topics for new posts.

9) Communicate with other members.

10) Exchange contact info with other users.

11) Join group chats and online meetings.

12) Share ads.

13) Search reports based on the category, e.g., webcams, adult toys, and so forth.

14) Select webcams as well as escorts options.

15) Hire escorts.

16) Advanced search allows you to search posts by preferences, city, state, and so on.

17) The escort forum gives you all the exciting things to read and enjoy.

18) Though you need to give the website your email address when you create an account, your email address is not shared with anyone else.
We are talking about how much you will pay if you'd like to hire escorts in the United States. Please note that prices in America do vary, ranging from US$50 to US$1,000 / hour. It depends on what you want and the types of services that escorts offer. Some high-end escorts are expensive. For instance, you may pay around US$300 for erotic massage therapy in most states. Yet prices also depend on other factors like local rules, the number of tourists / punters and population. Here are some well-known prices:

1) A lesbian escort in Phoenix costs approximately US$1,300 per day.

2) An escort in Silicon Valley costs roughly US$400 / hour.

3) An escort in Santa Ana charges about US$100 / hour only.

4) An escort in Orlando, Florida would charge about US$400 per hour.

5) A high-end escort in Indianapolis would charge US$500 / hour.

6) A first-class blow job costs US$60 in Minnesota.

7) In Nevada, a legal brothel costs about US$450.

8) An escort in Washington DC costs US$250 / hour maximum.

Those are just some of our observations.

USASexGuide.nl is free for registered members.
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Frequently Asked Questions about USASexGuide.nl:

1) What is USASexGuide?

Answer: It's a website where you can find instant hookups and adult entertainment services online. It's only available in America.

2) Is USASexGuide good?

Answer: Its design is quite old-fashioned, so newbies may find it hard to use at the beginning. But overall, it's pretty exciting.

3) Is USASexGuide safe?

Answer: It's safer than most similar websites because members are rated.

4) What does adult entertainment mean?

Answer: Theoretically, adult entertainment includes reading erotica on Kindle, listening to erotic stories on Dipsea, watching Burlesque shows, going to strip clubs, having fun in the casino, drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes, hiring escorts, etc. But realistically, most of the time, adult entertainment is the euphemism for hiring escorts.
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