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Adam4Adam Review: A Gay Hookup Site for Very Sexy Men

Adam4Adam is a gay dating site which helps men look for casual relationships. Meanwhile, it is also a platform for freelance adult entertainers to get attention online.


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1) Adam4Adam is a free gay hookup site. :))

2) It is very user-friendly because it's so easy to navigate! Because of its strengths, this gay hookup site is the winner of multiple awards, e.g., "Best Mobile Dating App" at iDate Awards & About.com's Best Dating App in 2012.

3) There are many filtering options.

4) Its setup is simple and easy to use. There aren't lots of bells & whistles.


1) There are many fake profiles.

2) Its design isn't modern.

3) There are some security concerns. For example, three years after its inception, some gay guys in Washington D.C. and New York were lured to remote areas where they were brutally robbed & killed. What's more, one year after its inception, some dating profiles on Adam4Adam were used to out those who were in the military. Having said that, Adam4Adam is doing their best to get rid of fake profiles, e.g., every member must have a verifiable email address in order to create a dating profile – this can be tracked properly.
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1) It's full of nude pictures, so you shouldn't visit this website at work or in a library.

2) It has a built-in s*x store as well as a premium cam platform. ;))

3) Although it's a free hookup site for gay men, there are some paid features that some members would try.

4) A geotagging feature which you could toggle on & off.

5) To sign up is quick and easy – it literally takes approximately 2 minutes maximum. Because Adam4Adam is all about casual flings, the signup process merely asks 4 questions before you can create a dating profile. Your email address has to be verified before your account becomes active. This is a way to make sure that every profile is created by a real person rather than a robot. You can add pictures, a bio, your hobbies/interests as well as other relevant information, e.g., what type of guys you are interested in. After that, your dating profile must be approved by Adam4Adam before other users can send you messages.

6) You don't necessarily have to upload a photo, yet having a profile photo will increase your engagement on the site. You can also send pictures within your message. You may share your location if you like. You are able to save previously sent photos.

7) Browse dating profiles in your local area. You can see other members' race, body size, age, etc.

8) Some members post escorts advertisements. But these ads are in a different section of the site.

9) Its theme is looking for a fling rather than a long-term relationship.

10) You get free viewing credits upon signup.

11) There is a health and wellness page for gay men; it talks about risks of drug use and STDs.
It's totally free to use, although there are some paid features that you may want to try.
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Frequently Asked Questions on Adam4Adam:

1) When was Adam4Adam established?

Answer: It was founded in 2003.

2) Some men don't look like their photos. The date can be awkward. What should I do?

Answer: You would be well-advised to have a video chat with another member before going out for a date with him. In this way, you will know whether this person actually looks like their photos or not.

The most awkward gay date that I've heard of is Darren Hayes's experience which he shared in a podcast interview – after chatting with another gay man on a dating app, he went out for a date with that person. That guy left the moment he saw Darren without saying anything. That's pretty awkward, although I think Darren Hayes is a very handsome man.

3) Which gay hookup apps or websites are Adam4Adam's competitors?

Answer: Their No. 1 competitor is Grindr; another major competitor is Tinder. In fact, Adam4Adam has imitated Grindr to some degree, especially when it comes to its mobile app.

4) I think I'm probably gay. How can I tell whether I'm gay or not?

Answer: If you simply think you are gay without any solid evidence, chances are you are probably straight. That being said, sexuality is a spectrum, so perhaps you are gay to some extent. But I can still give you some advice based on my experience and insights into sexuality – There are two things that strongly indicate homosexuality:

I. You had gay thoughts when you were very young. For example, you were attracted to boys when you were at school. This is a strong indicator that you are gay because you knew who you really are when you were very young (the society teaches you who you should be later on).

II. You had homophobia when you were young. For instance, because you had gay thoughts when you were at school, you were worried about your sexuality – you didn't want to be gay. That actually means you are probably gay in reality according to a psychologist that I interviewed last year.
Quote: "Adam4Adam is a wildly popular gay hookup site which helps gay guys to find casual relationships on the Internet for free."