Best 10 adult hookup apps
Although being an adult comes with many boring, necessary and unavoidable duties & responsibilities (checking your email Inbox, paying your bills and doing your taxes), one major benefit of being an adult can't be ignored – at last, you can hook up with someone sexy AF! So, without further ado, let's take a look at the 10 best adult hookup apps below!
As the best adult hookup app on the market, Brilic is characterized by a large number of qualified online daters who are already looking for casual hookups and sexy encounters. Imagine hooking up with someone hot on the rooftop at 1:10am on a Friday night – that's what you can get in record time after joining Brilic dating app because many members are very adventurous, spontaneous and playful in this community.
PURE is pretty much like a box of delicious chocolates – you never know what you will get. Its investors allow this app to do extensive marketing, so this app has a lot of hot and horny women who are looking for casual hookups already. Unlike most dating apps which have many more men than women, PURE's female database is huge. Therefore, it is indeed a hugely successful hookup dating app nowadays.
3. HUD
HUD (Hookup Dating) is a phenomenal adult hookup app which helps men and women to meet each other on smartphones and hook up in bedrooms (probably not on rooftops). A female member says, "Whenever I'm feeling horny, I simply use this app and find a hot man within 10 minutes because this app has so many attractive men." It's simple, nice and almost perfect! A male member says, "Women on HUD are already looking for casual hookups, so all I need to do is to send them messages and then invite them to my place. I don't need to swipe left or right all day every day anymore – I only need to check out profiles according to my preferences. No hard feelings at all – just a good time!"
As the first sexting app in the dating industry, BARE is a leading platform where men and women can have great fun without any stress or drama. The revealing process is really good fun; it has a podcast which discusses everything about how to BARE; it also has a blog about everything you want to know when it comes to dating, relationships, sexting, safety, body confidence and erotic stories, including the art of the blowjob.
5. Kinkoo
Kinkoo dating app has so many kinky women and handsome men who are looking for the BDSM lifestyle, casual encounters and a good time! So, if you are more interested in the BDSM way of life which is best characterized by a variety of hookups along the way, Kinkoo is the ideal platform for you.
6. Meetville
Meetville has over 18 million members worldwide, so it's a very successful adult hookup app out there. Personally, it's my favorite hookup dating app because I've met so many high-value individuals on this platform. Whenever I'm horny, I just log in on Meetville and I can hook up with someone incredibly attractive within 30 minutes or so. This app is definitely, absolutely, highly recommended.
Flirting is instant on JAUMO where you can meet a large number of horny people quickly because this app has 100,000 new members every day. It's already the most popular flirting app in Europe today. However, it is reported that JAUMO does not have enough members in America, so if you are looking for a casual hookup in the United States, you may have to go elsewhere on the Internet!
8. YoCutie
YoCutie is a free adult hookup app that is loved and trusted by many online daters these days. Launched in Germany, YoCutie has lots of members in Europe and North America. With its scammer protection technology, all scammers are blocked by the app automatically. Therefore, this is a very safe casual dating app for men and women who are looking to enjoy themselves tonight.
9. Topface
For most people, the best time to hook up is at university. So, if you have graduated from university already, you might consider joining Topface which is a high-quality adult hookup app that does not crash. It's very user-friendly, modern and chic. Topface won't disappoint you.
10. Waplog
Although Waplog says you can make money while being a member, actually making money from this app is probably a myth instead of a reality. Having said that, its big database basically guarantees its high success rate. And you can find all kinds of relationships (including casual hookups) on Waplog very easily.
In conclusion, these 10 best adult hookup apps can help you eliminate stress, feel happier, become more confident and get more satisfaction overall.
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